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    GET IT ON STEAM! ⚡️ THE ULTIMATIVE DUNGEON ⚡️ The new mega update brings a whole new game mode, a new UI, improved visuals, bug fixes and much more! With "Bladequest", a whole new experience awaits, which emerged from the popular "Bladequest: The First Chapter". Are you ready to explore an infinite dungeon, filled with enemies, weapons and loot? Then jump right into the all new endless mode! ? BECOME THE LOOTER KING ? Fight through the dungeon, loot all you can, compete with the world's best, and become the "Looter King"! ⚔️ FIGHT THE UNDEAD ⚔️ The full-fledged first person combat system allows you to send the undead back to hell using one-handed weapons, shields, two-handed weapons and bows! Find better equipment in every boss room, gear up and dominate your opponents! ✨FEEL THE ATMOSPHERE ✨ The soundscape, the lightning ambience, the charming Polygon-Look and the detailed levels ensure a deep and unique atmosphere! ? FIND A CURE ? Play the story mode and help your brave companion Veronica, to find a cure for her brother, who has been struck by a terrible disease. Explore a sinister castle ruin, infested by the undead, and face the dark Shadowlord. ?? SUPPORT THE DEVELOPMENT OF TRUE INDIE GAMES ?? By purchasing you boost the development of larger scaled games of this type and give me the opportunity to increase quality, bring more content, hire people, build a business and bring sustainable improvements to the gaming industry. ➡️ FEATURES WAITING FOR YOU ⬅️ ✔️ Explore an infinite dungeon in the new "Endless Mode" ✔️ Compete with players all over the world ✔️ Charming Polygon-Look ✔️ Carefully handcrafted dungeon rooms ✔️ Story mode ✔️ Fight with sword, shield, mace, axe, or bow ✔️ Different color schemes ✔️ Highly atmospheric game experience   GET IT ON STEAM!  
  2. Sure I will add it to the "best answer".
  3. For all those facing the same problem, its actually pretty easy. Log into the steam backend and set up an achievement like so: Then in leadwerks, if you use lua, just call Steamworks:Initialize() in the main.lua at start. To set an achievement active do this: Steamworks:SetAchievement("STORY_COMPLETE") --And thats all :) Two things to keep in mind and which confused me are: 1. Steam may take a while to display your achievements after you published them, so wait until you see them displaying in the steam store, or when you click on the game in your library. 2. The ac
  4. Hi, I want to add steam achievements to my game, but I only found very old threads about the topic. I can't really get it running. I am trying to do this with lua by the way. So I set up a few achievements and published them in the steamworks backend, then after I called Steamworks:Initialize() in my game I just call Steamworks:SetAchievement(API Name as string) to unlock an achievement right? This does not work for me, and the function is also not documented. Am I doing something wrong? Thanks! EDIT: Ok solved, I think it does not work with my developer account and the ach
  5. I actually build a something like this for my own UI system, using the theora library and some old code I found in the forums. I wanted to put it to the marketplace actually, but it does not play audio yet, so you would need to play the audio externally with Sound:Play(). Also as far as I remember the quality was not that good, but maybe it was just because of the video conversion to ogg. If there is a demand I may consider working on this again and bring it to the marketplace as part of the phodex framework
  6. Ok so I found a workaround for the issue. It actually works pretty good so far, still its not ideal, and I just tested it for a single non-prefab object with no parent, but it is at least something. A Physics:Refresh() function maybe would be a good idea? But thats just my unprofessional opinion. function Script:Start() self.startPos = self.entity:GetPosition(true) end function Script:UpdateWorld() if self.moved then --Move the object one frame after I gave it mass then remove the mass and set it back to scene collision self.entity:SetPosition(self.startPos.x + 15, self.startPos.
  7. Ah yeah the new cube I created in your scene had 0 mass actually. It does actually work with mass > 0. The problem is if I set mass to my scene object then it sometimes just falls through the ground (which by the way is why I did not set a mass), or it behaves like a dynamic physics object, which I not want, I maybe have some wodden planks at the ceiling and don't want them to fall on the ground ^^. Well I have different room layouts & different prebuild furnishing sets. A few rooms are preloaded and then everytime you exit a room an new one gets loaded and placed at the right p
  8. I downloaded your files. First it worked, but when I created a new cube and changed it to +15 it did again not work. I now also experienced, when changing back to +5 with another cube that just the front of the box had physics and I can walk inside the cube from the sides. Play around with different pos values (like +5 +15 +25) and you will see the physics break again...
  9. Well ok I guess you are right. I just meant I need like 5 minutes to setup a scene like this. I know you are busy and I appreciate you take the time... I attached a test project. Just open the start.map. If you press "K" the box moves and you can walk through the box. Now the question is how to move it without breaking the physics. TestLevel.zip
  10. Well to see the problem I am explain I would need to upload my whole project, which is relatively large. If I have time I can try reproducing the error in a smaller setup and upload it here. But as the tests with the box results in the same behavior (disabled physics when setting position after an entity is spawned) I though it is actually the same error as with my more complex scene... Sorry I don't understand why the setup I and mdgunn described is not enough to examine the problem... I mean the question still remains, how to change an objects position with static scene phyiscs after it
  11. Yeah this explains why, in my actual setup, the physics breaks when the prefab is loaded the second time and placed in the scene. At one point I release a room and load another one. When a prefab is loaded in the scene the second time and position is changed physics are broke. You are talking about "continuously" calling this, but I am actually not. I just call it once after a prefab is loaded.
  12. That actually works, BUT the weird is if I change the first SetPosition to self.startPos.x + 5 instead of +1 it does not work ?. However the physics are alright if set back to start position...
  13. That is exactly what I need... Yeah I tried that, the physics shapes are in the right place.
  14. Yeah I first thought Prefabs are the problem as well, BUT thats why I set up the test scene with a normally placed box with same conditions as my prefab objects (Scene physics and 0 mass). This is a summary of what I have tested and what happend, again this is a normal object placed in the editor. No Prefab. I think if I find a solution for moving this object I can use the same for my prefabs: SetPosition breaks the collision of the object Move breaks the collision of the object if used twice Joint:Kinematic does not work for static physics objects (I also think it makes no
  15. Thanks for the code, it actually works, but that is not what I actually want. This slowly moves the object in place. I just want to spawn a new object and set its position. And I also don't want to have a object with mass, or dynamic physics. I simply want to change the position of a static object (scene physics and 0 mass). Imagine something like this: function Script:SpawnObject() --the object has scene physics and 0 mass self.obj = Prefab:Load("Prefabs/Object.pfb") self.obj:SetPosition(x,y,z) end The above code sometimes breaks the newly spawned objects physics as mentioned ear
  16. It somehow does not. This is what I have: This is what the attached code: function Script:Start() self.joint = Joint:Kinematic(1, 1, 1, self.entity) end function Script:UpdateWorld() if keyHit.K then self.joint:SetTargetPosition(300, 2, 0, 1) end end It does not even move slightly, but even if. I just want to set the position of a static scene object. Why should I need to use a joint for that, I would expect set position to work for a static physics object. I really need this to work, otherwise you can just randomly walk through objects...
  17. Hi Leadwerkers ⚙️, today I have a cool announcement to make. In the past two years I was working on the Phodex Framework, which is a set of helpful tools, utilities and systems, created to unleash Leadwerk's true power and potential, to be able to create the games I had in mind. Now, that I have released my first Leadwerks game Bladequest: The First Chapter and the Phodex Framework has proven its worth in practice, I thought it is time to share some parts of the framework, especially those I think everyone could make use of. I step by step will release different components of the fra
  18. Yeah I just tried that because it did not work. Hmm I still can't get it work. What am I doing wrong? function Script:Start() self.joint = Joint:Kinematic(1, 1, 1, self.entity) self.joint:SetTargetPosition(300, 2, 0, 1) end Shouldn't this code change the position of my object? Could you give me an example code how to move a physics object with this? And does the object need a mass or specific collision setting?
  19. Ok I wonder how to use this for my purpose now. I tried this code but my object does not move at all: function Script:Start() self.joint = Joint:Kinematic(0, 0, 0, self.entity) self.joint:EnableMotor() end function Script:UpdateWorld() if keyHit.K then self.joint:SetTargetPosition(150, 2, 0, 0) end end I don't really need continually change of an physics object. I am currently building a random dungeon generator and the systems loads in prefabs and sets them in place to generate a new room. All objects have Scene physics with no mass (And I think the joint does not work with 0 ma
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