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  1. Added Test.exe to Steam in linux (running Proton). Materials are there. - Test.exe - works, with materials on model - Test (Linux Executable - added to Steam) - doesn't work, no materials on model
  2. I spoke too early. So the image above is from the app run in the level editor by pressing this But if I run the app using Test.sh, materials are gone
  3. Interesting! I created a new project and loaded the model. Looks OK -
  4. Easter eggs are also very cool. Other thoughts I have: Rescue missions Scavenger hunts (as @Marcousikhas mentioned)
  5. I know what you mean @Marcousik? On that note, if we can borrow from Fallout: Encounter NPC in map, present a quest that's aligned with either good or evil, make the player decide whether to agree or decline. At the end, give the player reward, and give or take karma from player depending on the quest (whether it's for good or evil).
  6. If I could somehow get the material name, or material path for the material that's supposed to be applied to the surfaces, I can load the material and apply it manually.
  7. I've tried switching from new fbx2mdl to old (copy pasting it from steam archive - Leadwerks 4.4, 4.5, 4.3), deleting the mdl (so Leadwerks can reconvert the FBX again using the old fbx2mdl) - no change, error still there.
  8. The surfaces of the mdl (from converted fbx - attached) doesn't have materials? FBX file - mMage.fbx MDL file - mMage.mdl Material file (surface 0) - Mage.mat Material file (surface 1) - MageHead.mat Material file (surface 2) - MageStaff.mat 1.) In level editor the materials are applied to the model's surfaces - OK 2.) This is the mdl, there are 3 surfaces 3.) In runtime the materials are not drawn - the crawler is OK though 4.) In-game - I went ahead and checked the surfaces of the mdl to see if the materials are still attached
  9. For now there's no specific game type. Just add in the gameplay you have in mind and maybe add a note on which type of game it's suited for.
  10. Can I get your gameplay ideas? Throw in any ideas you have: 


  11. Hey guys, can we discuss different techniques and strategies in making gameplay? So far I have: Go to NPC > Get Quest > Fetch/Retrieve an Item > Go back to NPC > Complete quest. Kill X amount of monsters to complete quest. Kill X NPC to complete quest. I would like to get your ideas of gameplay(s) that we can incorporate to our games. It doesn't have to be complex, just throw any ideas you have, it could be as simple as: Collect Stars, earn points. Whatever you might have.
  12. Could add a little bit of fish eye/barrel lense effect on the edge of the screen as the helli moves up to make the horizon look roundish. awesome work
  13. beepboop


    My small project will be called , it will be a dark medieval Diablo style single player action RPG. The graphics will be simple, no PBR, 256x256 map, reasonably low-res models. Camera style? Top-down-ish I think? Like in Diablo exactly - and because the camera is not directly in-front of the 3 models, I can get away with low-resolution assets - bonus. Also, with top-down view, I won't have to worry about high resolution sky-boxes. What's my plan for this project? I plan to make this project as small and as simple as possible, possibly release it as open-source, and have fun w
  14. I updated the script to include the header files of projects. I've tested the script today with multi-folder project structure as I move ahead with my project, it builds. Also, there's a better script using CMAKE, if you want it please ask @aiaf.
  15. Hey aiaf! Sure, send a link over, please. Thanks. And yes, Diablo would be the most fitting example. The recent Diablo installments are too vibrant for me, it doesn't fit the title. Blizzard needs to cut down on the use of glow and shine, it should be reserved for special or high grade items/high tier skills. I think they are cutting the use of colours a bit in the latest one, not enough for my liking though.
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