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  1. Hey, can you post how you got the footsteps working? I'm having some trouble with this myself.
  2. I have the same rotate problem, except my player either does not rotate at all or "strafes" to the side instead of rotating on the spot. My code is in the UpdatePhysics loop.
  3. I tried that, but it doesn't work if the entity is set to character controller physics and has a mass greater than 0.
  4. Sorry for resurrection, but did you get a camera to hide working?
  5. Ahhh I got it working now, I had to put the script in UpdateWorld() and put the number sequence the animation belongs to in it as well, thanks.
  6. Scripting is hard, I've tried everything to create a simple idle animation for the player character. I've imported the model and animation and put it in an extracted sequence of 0 - 59 frames. It looks good in the model viewer! How do I go about importing the animation manager into my character's script and start creating modes such as "idle", "walk", etc? This is really confusing...
  7. Bump, having the exact same issue that it only does the SetInput command once.
  8. Can anybody send me a template script for a third person control scheme that of old school games? I'll show a couple of examples of what I'm trying to code, but I'm still new to LUA and would like a template to work off and learn! I'd like my camera to act similar to either of those and the character to control in that "tank controls" movement.
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