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  1. There is no obvious origin to begin with, but i can move the object to the origin. As i can't determine the proper scaling i defaulted to millimeters. And i did not bother with UVmaps as this is a sample object which i will most likely replace later. Edit: preview fixed, still not sure about the scale Edit2: i tried different scaling and i think i hit a usable ratio #Solved (except for the automatic materials import that leadwerks does not support)
  2. http://puu.sh/myeIZ/774d1382c3.fbx It's a simple model.
  3. Adding a material does not make a difference. Scaling is at 100% but it doesn't show up anyyway,
  4. Still, the preview is broken, possible to fix?. If i make a 1x1x1 meter box i want it to appear like that in leadwerks, but it does not
  5. Isn't there any way to set a default scale?
  6. Hi. I want to know if it's possible to get leadwerks to do this automatically when an fbx is imported: look for embedded or referenced materials/textures (does not seem to work by default) set scaling for the model to 1.01 units to 10.1 cm show up correctly when inspected in preview tool I'm using autocad 2015 to make the models and materialize/texture them but it's awkward to import them. Thanks in advance.
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