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  1. I am looking forward to a made from scratch tutorial, that is something I 100% support. I really hope it is a success as to drive more content.
  2. I understand that, layers exist everywhere, but when everything in LE requires lua scripting (or c++), that's what I would like to learn. It's great to have piles of source to dig in but said source accompanied by someone saying why and how is much more beneficial, this is all my opinion, how I learn or "get" things may differ. With all this being said, any extra content for LE is welcome, but a template is something I personally wouldn't purchase.
  3. As an inexperienced user having used so many different toolkits, I would prefer to be taught to do it efficiently and properly in code. I am personally not a fan of templates and drag and drop ui's that teach you nothing and leave you with little knowledge to expand. Learning from scratch the entirety of something teaches me far more, like project Saturn, it gave me the confidence to experiment and try new things. My 2 cents.
  4. I personally love the idea. Although a Udemy course maybe more feasible, this way anybody who pays for it, you actually get to keep the money as opposed to kickstarter, where if it bombs...times wasted. I agree with Panther and Rick, the language most definitely lua. Something other than FPS please, regardless if that's the most popular, it's done to death, and I would love some variety. Learning a TD game would be very beneficial. Project Saturn was quite good, I gotta a kick out of the little mistakes you made and tracked down, even if I knew the problem before you did, it
  5. Yes I realize that, I just looked on the steam page and the engine page does not have Linux specs listed, so I got concerned and bummed out, but am glad to hear that it's still very much a part of Leadwerks future. Sorry for the previous message, my imagination went negative, and I apologize.
  6. So quick question because I am not entirely clear. Is Linux support being phased out? Little bugs like the one posted, are forever it? Just curious is all, since you know: Leadwerks: Build Linux Games, on Linux.
  7. Yes I have went through the marble demo, thanks for the point out of the SetVelocity() I will modify that part, I am playing with adding force like the marble project, but need a way to limit its speed which I am actually trying right now. Thanks for the responses guys I believe I am on the right track now...will update if I fail or succeed.
  8. I am using dirX * ballSpeed because that is simply changing its direction, the dirX and dirZ are equal to 1 so any speed multiplied by 1 would simply be the same speed, it's when it hits a boundary or player that it changes to -1 which again leaves the speed the same but changes the direction. The ball works for the first 4 hits then it starts hovering and doing loop-da-loops and eventually falling off the board. I have read a post on here about reflecting projectiles and am trying to incorporate that, suggestions were raycasting and turning gravity off....but no luck so far.
  9. Hey, I need a little help with a simple project I am trying to create, yes I am a novice at this. I made a simple Pong board and have my moving paddles on each side with associated keys, I have tried multiple ways to get the ball to act the way I want, all to no avail. I am trying to get the ball to move in a way you would want it to for this kind of game, ride on the Y-axis platform while moving on the X and Z. I get normal behaviour to begin with, then it gets quite out of control fast. I don't know what I am doing wrong, any help in the right direction would be appreciated.
  10. Leadwerks was working flawlessly a few days ago. Two things have changed, Leadwerks updated, and I updated to Windows 10. I can load maps, save maps, edit terrains, add/remove objects, but I cannot save a script file. I have an integrated chip, but I decline any reasoning as to that being the issue here, as it worked flawlessly before without a single crash. It does it on existing scripts, new ones, you name it. I really can't do squat. I have re-installed Leadwerks, tried multiple solutions I found online that weren't the exact same symptoms, but same end result, and to no ava
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