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  1. Hi Josh I'll let them know about Leadwerks
  2. Hi Josh I'm doing a Associate's Degree of Animation at Sae Qantm I'm having a meeting with one of the teachers soon about the software the school is using I'm interested in if there is a Leadworks school license available? I think an engine like Leadworks would be good among the other programs they have including the other engines such as Unreal4 and Unity3D
  3. Cool No problems ? Thanks Josh
  4. Ok Don't really want to buy it twice Maybe there could be (in the future) a steam activation code in receipt?
  5. Hi All, Just got The Zone off the marketplace, I'm wondering if there is a way to activate it on steam?
  6. A perforce plugin Something similar to how perforce works in Unreal4
  7. Right got it Will Leadworks make a plugin for Perforce at sometime soon maybe, hint hint
  8. Ok cool What do you mean by map files can't be merged?
  9. It's hard to explain but have a look at this link https://docs.unrealengine.com/latest/INT/Engine/Basics/SourceControl/Perforce/
  10. Can you connect the engine to source like Unreal4 engine to show who has check it what in a project?
  11. Hi I'm interested in knowing if Leadworks would work with Perforce?
  12. Yeah It's all good, we worked it out Even he didn't know what happened But it's all sorted out
  13. Yeah will have to The website doesn't recognise my username or email So I can't even reset my password
  14. Hi Can anyone tell me what has happened with Arteria3D? I can't login to my account nor is my email recognised Sent an email but have not got an answer yet I have a lifetime membership
  15. Thanks I'll give it a try
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