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  1. Hi Josh, I will write my own startsequence with a Video at the Gamestart, Loadingscreens on Mapchanges and other things in C++ (for my Games, this is a Test). Best regards, Roy.
  2. Hi, i have created a Project from the Marble Game Template for a Test in MS Visual C++ 2013, here my steps: main.cpp if (ext=="zip" || ext=="pak") { Leadwerks::Package::Load(file,"strongpassword"); } Ok after the changes in main.cpp i have compiled the solution and the Game runs in the Projectfolder, now i have create a folder "MarbleGame" with the MarbleGame.exe, lua51.dll and the steam_api.dll from the Projectfolder, the Assets are in seperated protected ZIP Archives like this: Fonts.zip Maps.zip Materials.zip Models.zip Scripts.zip Shaders.zip Sound.zip I
  3. I mean it additionally as Option.
  4. Hello, i found the Steam Client is a pain, my Idea is simple: You can offer a Steam Free Version (AddOn) for peoples they like your Engine and will have a Steam free Version. My english is poor, sorry I'm from Germany. Best Regards, RoyMD.
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