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  1. Hmm. Thx macklebee. Very odd why it is not working directly with Leadwerks. I hope Roland has some sugeestions related to Modo to get it to work.
  2. Thx for the answer. But it isn't a problem with the shaders, its the importer. I am aware of animation shaders The importer is buggy it seems, because neither Unity nor UE4 has a probnlem with the files I would like use Leadwerks because from concept and using C++ it is my favorite for my next oproject
  3. I am not able to import the the attached sample model with two animation (named MoveIt and MoveItAgain). Other engines i have tried do not have any proble with the file. The FBX format isa 2013 but i have tried it with all version down to 2009. The model and the animations were made and exported with Modo 901 Indie. Any ideas what the problem is? Any help is appreciated! test_7.fbx
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