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  1. Are you using Linux or Windows version? I guess the linux version the model previewer is just messed up. I followed your instructions exactly and got a model that worked, except it was completely black. I tried to reset the materials (just selecting the same ones again) and saved it, and now I am left with just a leg. I reimported it, and got a full black model. So I tried setting up the animation sequences, and when I saved it again I just got a leg.
  2. Well I don't know how I got the ankh to work then, but it's working. Now I'm having problems with another model i've made... it has multiple materials, but I also tried it with one material. I tried to make multiple animations, in the end I combined them into one animation, but the same problem persists.. most of the frames are invisible, and some of the frames have parts of the model. man.zip
  3. Yes, but I don't. I managed to work around that (it was just for the texture), I upgraded my blender version, and rearranged my hierarchy and added an amature modifier (i think this did it) and it seems to have exported ok with the animation intact.
  4. I couldn't get the fbx exporter in blender to work at all, Converting "ankh.fbx"... Input: /home/andrew/Documents/Leadwerks/Projects/Cultstorm3/ankh.fbx Output: /home/andrew/Documents/Leadwerks/Projects/Cultstorm3/ankh.mdl FBX: Initializing scene... FBX: File version: 7.4.0 FBX: Importing scene... FBX: found animation: Scene, fps: 24.000, start: 0.0417, end: 1.6667, length: 1.6250 MDL: total leaf bones pruned: 1 MDL: total vertices: 0, total faces: 0 MDL: exporting as static mesh Conversion: success Converting "ankh.fbm/ankh.png"... waiting for file... ... waiting for file... Error: Fi
  5. Yes, tried animated shaders and I'm exporting directly to Leadwerks using an exporter plugin.
  6. Hi, I just recently bought Leadwerks Engine and am trying to make an animated object in blender and import it into leadwerks (I have no previous experience making animations in blender). I've gotten the animation working in blender (it's an ankh that bounces up and down and spins around), I used one bone (though I also tried without bones). I can import it into Leadwerks, but the Armature and bone is missing, and there is nothing on the animation tab. It seems to just export it (using the blender -> leadwerks exporter) with the model oriented as it was when I hit export. I've al
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