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  1. Hey there!


    I dug this up today and found that it looks pretty good in more modern engines (presentation is in gameguru...probably looks just as good or better in Leadwerks rendering system)


    This origins from a discontinued asian-fantasy pack and has already been released for FPSC. However, FPSC rendered it very ugly and the collision was wonky to non-servicable. Now, it looks much better and works like a charm. happy.gif

    This Pack Includes:



    /Dojo with simplified outdoor appearance

    /Dojo without roofing and any outdoor parts

    / Dojowall

    / Decorative Dojowall


    The Screenshots:









    The Download:



    /Mediafire Mirror

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  2. happy.png I remember cutting this model up into single pieces, retexturing it to get it work into FPSCReloaded (now gameguru).

    Replaced the knight statues with some female aphrodite statues and I recommend you do too...the default ones don't look too hot. All that work was most likely for nothing though :(


    Your game looks okay! My major point of criticism as far as your leveldesign goes is the cubic feel to it and the lightmapping. Whenever you have torchlit scenes mostly all you can make out is the torch itself. Torches lightmore than what you can see in your shots...I recommend using a brightlight with a short range for the area immediately around the torch and a darker light with longer range for the are further around the player. That gives a more realistic effect.



  3. I run a GTX 560 with 2048 GDDR5 Memory. This is no longer high end as I have my rig operational for a couple years now but it should not yet be low-end (?).


    So far I haven't edited any shaders but have loaded some custom ones.


    I haven't experienced any issues today and used the engine for about 30 to 40 minutes.


    Thanks for the rich replies!!


    @Josh: Will the engine update itself via steam once the new version is out? Its tempting but I don't wish to go beta.

  4. I benn trying to think how to make a zombie game without gunplay.Only thing I come up with so far is an escape from zombies type game.


    Simple: Make sure the lore explains why the zombies/monsters are too tough/impossible to fight. Make them really intimidating.

    Gameplay will now consist of stealth (ala thief or splinter cell) past these zombies and gathering resources/clean water for other survivors or a story campaign. Alternatively: you are the zombie.

  5. Hey Leadwerkers,



    These models are a little older and had prior distributions on other forums. This is the multi-engine version including multiple formats.

    They have been improvised from scratch and had the purpose to teach me better polygonal optimisation.The polycount of the primary model from this collection has been decreased from 3780 to 2570 Polygons. The goal was to find the fastest way to decrease polygons without changing a models appearance. Speed is the most important factor in my workflow...I like to get them results fast! biggrin.png


    Originally these where intended for sale... but I figured that it might be a nice gift! (and honestly, these aren't that good wink.png)


    The models are desert themed fantasy buildings. No element of them is akin to any realworld culture. These models can be used in a semi-modular fashion to piece together larger building complex.


    I gave them a quick test in the stock terrain map of leadwerks and they make nice background structures!




    Primary Model


    2570 Triangles


    Diffuse: 2048²























    Primary: 2570


    Variation1: 2210


    Variation2: 1738


    Variation3: 1378


    Variation4: 870


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  6. Ha, try and find a swordsman, mage and rogue in the style of Assassin's Creed (not ripped from games).


    Thats pretty easy to meshmatch and retexture concidering the abundance of medieval characters out there. However, nothing shall ever be used "out of the box" by any serious game developer in my opinion. More or less adjustment to tone and style is always necessary.


    You can always shoot me a mail and perhaps I can help out. I do freelance which also includes adjustments like this.



  7. Hello!! Thanks for the Feedback!



    I love the design. If I can make any criticism, it's that the normal maps look excessively grainy/strong and the floor looks very flat


    Thank you! smile.png

    And yes, of course you can...thats part of why I post. The normalmap needs its y axis inverted than it will read better altough I'm quite happy with the high-contrast wet look of it. The floor is a different story. I made it to test that texture and its displacment map (which looks really good if I sign the flashlight on it as can be seen in the third screenshot) which does render as pretty flat in the current setting sad.png Gotta fix that!


    Looks good and sounds interesting. Looking forward to a playable demo/test if you are releasing one.


    It depends on how much time the process will take but I'm glad to hear I have a potential player here. You are however very likely to see demos from me promoting modelpacks...these will, however, be walking-simulations by nature.



  8. Autumn

    (Working Title)


    Hello community! This is not yet a full videogame project thread, its more a test run. I have a script for a 3d horror adventure that should be pretty easy to pull off for an indie and be fun to play/thus sell. However, I still don't know what engine I end up using altough Leadwerks is pretty convincing. This is more a test map where I can see how much time and effort it will take to make this game.


    In the game you will be a young witch hunted by the inquisition and simoultaneously trying to fend off a demon invasion. This sounds like it has a huge scope but its indeed just a 3D adventure à la penumbra on paper.


    This test map will be an everchanging level that shows a wine-cellar connected to some dungeons and a cave. I will continously improve quality until it reaches a level I'm happy with.


    Features this test map should have:

    • Tesselated, atmospheric look
    • High res graphics
    • strong, desolate medieval atmosphere
    • a few critters (in this case bats)
    • some places overgrown with foliage
    • doors that can be opened
    • a chest that can be opened
    • a creature running through a hallway-crossing as a jump-scare
    • believable and dense ambientsounds
    • fire effects
    • interactive objects (picking up, throwing)

    This is what I attempt to do with my first attempt. The quality of the results and the time I need to reach them will then show wether there will be a game at all.


    What follows are some early screenshots of the above concepts. Its not much yet.


    Nest steps are:

    • replace floor texture (had to test the displacment on that one)
    • figure out how to make believable fire
    • fill room and move on to hallways










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  9. Hello!


    I have familiarised myself with the basics of leadwerks and started my first scene.

    Now, I noticed that I have all my materials in the (model) folders. Yet when I want to select one it goes in a specific (materials) category. I prefer my materials with my models... does this cause complications later on or does the engine not care?

    I don't want to redo all my materials once I'm ready to publish the game!



  10. Hi!


    Thanks for the warm welcome,everyone!!


    It really doesn't matter too much where you put a thread, as long as it's not too far off-topic


    I keep that in mind and open a 3D stuff thread soon. smile.png Thanks for the headsup


    Always nice to have more artists on. I personally love seeing concept and development art and, of course, the finished products that bring so much immersion to gameplay.


    Thank you! I chose Leadwerks because I felt it could get me closer to real leveldesign and to properly showcase my models. So far, I have not been disappointed. It renders in excellent quality and the material editor is easy as cake. In the past, I worked a lot with inferior engines as they where easier to use as far as gamecode goes. All the screenshots you see here are made in FPSCreator. ...But I figured that if I do the extra work in something more developed, it'll be worth it.


    Don't worry about English being your 4th language. It's my first and only and I still muck it up.


    I'm very confident with my english as I'm writing, but when I reread my posts they often feel a little wonky. A well!! As long as you guys get me! Thanks for the encouragment.





  11. Hi!


    I find it customary to introduce myself before I start posting away in a new community so : hello!


    My name is Adrien and I'm into gamemaking since I was a teenager. I'm an artist and I've always been interested in 3D art and leveldesign so thats the part of gamedesign I'm best at. Throughout the years I developed a wierd gamemaking "addiction". Aaah! Messing around in 3D Space. If I only knew how to quit you! wink.png

    Be aware that I'm pretty green at coding so I might ask some ...really rock stupid questions. Please be a little patient with me when I do. unsure.png


    You might have ran into me on thegamecreators.com or indiedb. I've been modeling for a couple years now and do freelance stuff since 2012. About that: I haven't found any gallery threads by other modelers on here? The Game art board deals mostly with questions...where would I post such a thread?


    Personally, I'm a very social, outgoing kind of person altough a little excentric. English is my fourth language so occasionally I might word something odd or wrong. huh.png


    I just bought Leadwerks as it seems potent and has a neat underdog charm to it! Looking forward to using it and to get to know you guys!


    All the best



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