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  1. Hey all, does anyone know when the release date with the new fixed driver will be? I need the latest driver for other programs on my laptop but have been unable to open Leadwerks for quite some time now and I am starting to loose momentum on my project... I have previously rolled back to be able to use the program but I don't want to keep rolling back and forth for a single program on my laptop. Thank you for your reply and for developing such a great tool! (I got all the DLC from Steam to show support and of course to experience the full capabilities of the engine!)
  2. Hey xtom, Sorry I took so long to reply, the idea works well for glass textures but unfortunately my texture has the window frame in with the window. I'll definitely be using this fix with glass but I'm still a little stuck for the texture I've been using. I going to work around this for now and then use your fix for the future Thanks again!
  3. Yeah, it's unfortunate. The windows now work flawlessly but the window frames stand out... I'm having lighting issues in large rooms, anyone have cleaver lighting solutions? PS: Using Mod2X I keep the transparency and loose the glowing frame! In fact I loose the entire frame apart from the outline...
  4. I just deleted every single light in my game and it works again! I have tried adding a few lights and so far so good... I'm assuming I ran out of memory and created a crash due to light bulb overkill... Does anyone know how to keep memory usage down and allow for more lights? Is this a limit of the engine or my computer? Thanks again!
  5. Hey xtom! Thanks for the help, I can see through the window now However now the window frame is glowing... Any ideas? Cheers!
  6. Hey xtom! Thanks for the help, I can see through the window now However now the window frame is glowing... Any ideas? Cheers! Edit: Whoops I managed to get mixed up between tabs :S This was meant for another thread on the same subject sorry :/ Any admin, please feel free to delete I don't see the button to do so
  7. Hello again everyone, I am having an issue with the editor whereby it works absolutely fine in the textured render mode but as soon as I try and run the game or if I render a window in textured+lighting I get the error: Framebuffer incomplete: GL_FRAMEBUFFER_INCOMPLETE_MISSING_ATTACHMENT Now I have been looking at the forums for a while now and it seems that this has happened before but the solutions proposed (deleting objects + computer restart) do not seem to be working... This wasn't a problem before until I added lots of lights to my game... I am making an inside level so excl
  8. Bump, sorry but I haven't heard anything back yet :/ Thank you again if you can offer any solution! I was thinking about raising the windows of the spacecraft so the player can only see up and away from the ship to disguise the issue... Shame though.
  9. I'm glad that I was able to help Sometimes the best solutions are the simplest ones ^^
  10. I'm not sure if this applies or if you are still struggling, I had to roll back my graphics card driver to a compatible one with Leadwerks as it was crashing for me also. There is a blog post somewhere I think with more information on this, I hope that you find some success!
  11. I am very much a noob in these regards, but perhaps a different mindset might help... You say that you have parented all of the items to one of the parts of the tower and then tried to move it with Ctrl+'Drag' - Have you tried creating a pivot and parenting everything to the pivot and then dragging the pivot point? I'm no expert but I use pivots all the time and they seem to work on my game for this purpose, however dragging parented models also works for me... Just a thought, I only parent small quantities of things, perhaps try moving the tower in two parts and see if that improves r
  12. I think that Josh is a star for helping add functionality into the editor after requests from the forums, I hope that you continue your work and only focus on the constructive criticism. :)

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Ameshi


      The engine is great, but needs more ppl to work in the updates, its far ahead of other engines in the market ... sadly :(

    3. YouGroove


      Again ... Stop comparing LE3 to engine driven by thousand people behind. You know about LE3 pros and cons so deal with it. Do you have started some project in LE3 at least ?

      You have people that made games with Ogre 3D that is also behind others, do you know why they succeed ?

    4. Imchasinyou


      I for one am glad i could help bring this out for the users that can use it. Its not about being lazy, its about being practical!



      YouGroove, chill out dude, even the fan boys get stuff here and there. When considering what engine to play with, you MUST compare this one to others. There is no other way.

  13. Inquisitive about LUA

    1. MarkusR


      lua is great.

      command reference is your friend here :)

    2. TheSilentBoo


      I'm starting to get to grips with it :)

      I have had a look a command reference and it seems like it will be my good friend!

  14. Hello everyone and thank you for having a look at the issue I'm having! I am trying(<-emphasis) to make a game that starts out on a spacecraft and then (via disaster and escape pod) crash lands on earth. At this point in time I am watching the tutorials and learning as I go on how to use the editor. This issue I'm having is with a material in the SciFi Interior Construction Kit, in particular 'windowb.mat'. When I am using the material as a window I cannot see far enough to see the engines of the spacecraft, and when I just delete the wall I can see them, below is what I am on a
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