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  1. Hello recently ive become fairly interested in modeling using blender but noticed that exporting any model into leadwerks was a pain stake sizing was off at times and materials/textures didn't work correctly either i noticed their is an export/importer designed by josh for blender to leadwerks the addon simply doesn't work though ive rolled back my version to 2.83.19 (steam) as the addons manager says "upgrade to 2.8x required" (import-export leadwerks engine formats) if anyone knows how to get this working it would be greatly appreciated as the process to make a single model work is pain stak
  2. So the .dll's are forever lost? ik once again reviving a long dead thread sry...
  3. im not even completely sure where i should be placing said variable any chance you could show an example of this? id like to build on the idea itself so id like a throe understanding if its no bother what ive gotten so far is how to bind a key so that that key will load that specific map
  4. how would i express which map the player is on so he may reload it (post is a little old sorry)
  5. Hello i was working on my game and ran into something i desired i wanted the ability to reload the map i was on (their are many maps!) i found a couple times i got stuck and couldn't fix the problem so my only option was to end game and restart (which mean't i had to start from lvl 1) which was really annoying so what im looking to do is key bind a key like R for instance so when it is pressed it will only reload that map that my player is on along side with everything in it (motors,pivots) it doesn't have to be complex or anything just wanted a simple way to reload one specific map that the p
  6. thank you for your feedback and einlander also thank you for yours both ideas are helpful im trying to make it so when the player dies the map refreshes upon his death
  7. thank you Rick the maps are small enough that it would load quickly i dont exactly know how to reset the map (that exact lvl) could you possible give an example and or an easy method this isnt exactly a big problem so its not to dire to me so an easy simple quick fix is what im after.....
  8. hello today i thought to myself thinking about some of the motors i have in my game if you were to get in between the two spinning motors it will put them out of place sometimes causing the course to be impossible which got me thinking when you died from falling off the off place motors and got positioned at the start.... the map never actually reloads you just get re positioned which still makes the course impossible being that this can make a lvl impossible it makes a pretty annoying bug...... so what im saying is if you got in between two motor caused it to be out of place (not lining up wi
  9. i have the same question but i haven't properly understood any of the answers ive been given
  10. hello workshop guys i need all of you to please go to http://steamcommunity.com/workshop/discussions/-1/530647080129002754/?appid=251810 this could be about your workshop item possible
  11. alright thank you for your suggestions everyone
  12. OK so theirs a few build options ive come down to the point were maybe i should have went with an older build or something like that so i would like to know what you guys think because i think maybe that some assets are missing in some builds andor physics options (the physics is the reasoning to this topic) any suggestions? for the people that dont know what i mean: in steam theres options of what update you want like latest oldest
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