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  1. I'm surprised it hasn't been mentioned at all, but Leadwerks.com is unaffected by CVE-2014-0160.

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    2. Josh


      Not really sure what it means except that their code review process was really inadequate. I'm sure there's just as bad of flaws in closed-source stuff, but it's not as easily visible.

    3. DudeAwesome


      open source dont means it have no bugs or exploits but in average the bugs are fixed faster. if MS know about a bug in the software but noone of the customer knows it they can wait until they like. beo6 when your mail client is not using openSSL what is it using instead? just because you use it it doesnt mean that your server was hacked. And SSL is important even for mails :D

    4. beo6


      That's true. My mail server was unaffected too since it was using the older stable Debian which uses an unaffected version as far as i know. If your certificate was already stolen from the server an unaffected client does not help in security.

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