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    Introducing Leadwerks Marketplace

    Needs 1 or more ways to find sale items.   OK to have some in rotator but I think it only shows some.  I can pretty much guarantee that if I ever go to the shop I will specifically look at sale items as a priority.   If I can get 2 items for the same cost as 1 then this equates to double time saved (sort of)....it's not just because I'm a cheapskate!  :)



    "The Zone" DLC Released

    The map is very nice and there is a lot of nice content but I'm getting FPS score a bit lower than I might have hoped to see. I also expected that the map might not be as highly optimised as a final game level so it was partly expected. 

    I'm running the map on an RX480 and getting a bit over 30fps typically. I would hope to get around 60fps at 1080p on a such a scene if well optimised (I mean in a typical published game that might be on a different engine with different ways to optimise). 

    Don't think there are any LODS in effect  yet many largish building remain visible at quite long range. 

    Don't think LUA should be much of a factor given there is (AFAIK) almost no scripts set up (given it starts with a spectator camera).

    I expect trees probably eat a lot and close vegetation shadows but for such as scene they probably can't be changed much to gain much speed and still carry the quality of the scene.

    Anyone got any opinions on what they would do to get this map to run at nearer 60fps on mid-range card such as a RX480?

    I expect it might be a lot of work so just curious as to opinions rather than something I plan to attempt.  As an official release it provides a good reference for examining performance and ways of tackling it.


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  1. The VR stuff is shaping up nicely.

    I have a game idea I worked on some time ago I might return to for checking out VR.... 



    Obviously the template has a clear VR focus and needs to stay on track, but I'd like to mention that I think it would be really good if we had a VR template (or engine support) to show a mechanism of downgrading to run in a NON-VR state as well (wasd and mouse, or controller).  Dishonoured uses a teleport feature just fine. and you pick stuff up. Should we really make our games ONLY accessible via VR?  Are they really un-workable or immersion braking on a WASD + mouse or controller setup? Maybe the answers for some people is yes and yes.  But if some think no why exclude them? 

    A nice example of degrading from VR, or extending to VR (whichever way you want to look at it) is a useful feature for a template (or engine) to handle.  Yeah we could all code our own solutions but I'm pretty sure a good few users would appreciate a solid template or detailed example.

    Keep up the good work. Looking forward to how this develops.


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    Leadwerks 5 Beta Rollout

    On 8/24/2017 at 2:24 PM, Josh said:

    Of course, but once you see it you will never want to use anything else.  Leadwerks 5 is going to be the best game development tool ever created.

    Day trip to Amsterdam?  Coffee and....cake? :wacko:    Only kidding.  Your enthusiasm is very exciting to see. Must be SUPER, SUPER hard to keep going at times, judging from what I've heard from other individuals.

    Rick is right about the dipping in and out of subscription risk, though the level is such that most people would probably leave in place and it sounds like ultimately some adjustments to the model may be made. 

    Usually I refuse to purchase software with a monthly models as what you are getting over time is often unclear.  I currently have NO software that requires a monthly subscription or any sort of renewal. The steady improvements to Leadwerks over 3 and 4 were nice though and it does seem time to put some more money in to expect things to continue to move forwards. 

    The model where you pay monthly and eventually buy the software is quite appealing.

    I'm not keen on license locks to machines. Steam us bearable as it's a single unified system.

    ....Just a few random thoughts.


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