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  1. When testing the game it pops up in the console
  2. Hello! So, recently this error has been starting to pop up at random when I change map Possible reference count error for asset "models/crates/crate_small.mdl" And then it just crashes. I have 3 crate_small models on the map, but some maps work and some don't, even if they are just mostly copies of each other. Suggestions? Thanks!
  3. Actually, just found the issue, I just renamed my App.lua to Main.lua and it's all good now
  4. Hello! So something weird have started happening in the later updates. It now instantly crashes on local mousePos = App.window:GetMousePosition() With the error MainMenu.lua" : 2 : attempt to index field 'window' (a nil value) To try, I tried creating the window with self.window = Window:Create("Window", 10, 10, 1280, 720, window.Titlebar) Which results in the same error. Suggestions? Thanks!
  5. Just go to Edit > Properties and then change size from either 1024, 2048 or 4096
  6. Working fine on Kubuntu 15.04 here with Plasma 5.3.2
  7. Nope, I don't have the Game Launcher installed. Should maybe also point out that I'm on Linux This is the only thing I see: This is also only an issue for Leadwerks, DLCs shows up fine for other games and softwares.
  8. Hello! Some time ago I bought the Standard Edition DLC so I could play around in C++, but I have a current project I'm working on in only Lua. When I load up the project, it creates the C++ files and attempting to play the game have some weird issues, so I want to completely remove the C++ part and just use Lua. Is there a way to do this? I tried just right clicking Leadwerks in Steam and went to DLC to uninstall it, but no DLCs could be found... Regards, Krax
  9. Just a small thing really, but would be nice to be able to change the icons to a lighter theme if you're using a dark theme in the application. As shown in the screenshot, it can be a little hard to see all the icons. Thanks
  10. EDIT: For some reason, it seems like it got posted twice... Ignore this and go to this instead > http://www.leadwerks.com/werkspace/topic/13084-error-when-requiring-library/#entry92738
  11. Hey! During the time of me playing around to get controllers to work in Leadwerks, I came across SDL bindings for Lua. So I compiled and tried it and it worked fine without problems. But, when I later try to require it from Leadwerks, I get the following error: "error loading module 'SDL' from file './SDL.so'" : 0 : undefined symbol When running outside of Leadwerks, I'm running it with Lua 5.1, which afaik, is what Leadwerks uses. Any help is much appreciated! Thanks! Regards, Krax
  12. Yes it is, but can I use it somehow?
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