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  1. hm.. i guess im bad at explaining what i mean Also, i kinda ready your text wrong :\ sry for irritating you I kinda figured it out myself.. it was way to easy and i was overthinking it ^^ Thank you for your help
  2. Thanks, but is there a way to do this without the entitys beeing attached?
  3. First of all: this might be pretty basic knowlege, but i didnt find any answers to this in the documentations. (its possible that i just didnt find it) How can i access a entitys properties form within another entitys script? Let me give you a example: I want to Point a entity at another entity. I would think that this would work: (this line is in the script of the entity i want to point at another entity) self.entity:Point(exampleEntity.entity) If i try to execute it, i get the error message: self.entity:Point(PlayerPos.entity) Let me give you another example, i want to
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