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  1. So, after a couple of months of inactivity due to various life issues, I am back working on this project. What did I miss?
  2. yep, the parenting bug has stalled my work on my project too
  3. I have had leadwerks running on my machine at work with a quadro K4000.. didn't notice any issues, however this was on Linux. Its quite easy to imagine Avid would work just fine without graphics drivers, so suggest installing latest NVidia drivers for the card.
  4. As shadmar says, the water height is a world attribute, currently i turn on my water post effect when the camera's global Y is below the water height. As far as detecting when the beaver is actually in the water for the purposes of triggering the swim animation (which is not currently hooked up in the latest vids) I use a piece of geometry conforming to the river/lake area which if the beaver is 'inside of', he will swim, and if outside, he will walk. This invisible 'water area' also serves as a navigation barrier for the bear, and can be used to confine the fishes' swim area.
  5. Jumping isn't currently implemented.. will probably put it in at some point. Possibly in the next round of animation work I do. Even for a limited-scope demo like this there is so much work to do, in so many different areas that keeping a priority list and staying focused on what is most needed for a playable experience rather than getting distracted by a million 'nice-to-haves' is necessary. soundscape/soundtrack, for example, is higher up the list than additional character actions
  6. I'm not sure what you mean by 'the mountain to turn to water'? Possibly thats where the camera dips below/into the terrain - I need to fix that.. but currently just an artifact of the way the camera is positioned relative to the player. I already have to raycast to keep the beaver's tail mostly clear of the ground, so I guess I will do something similar for the camera.
  7. +1 I have a ton of objects, am nowhere near done adding them, and am finding the scene panel pretty weaksauce too. Please give it some love ASAP.
  8. Heres another progress video: http://marchingcubes.com/beaver12.mp4 This one shows the 3 'levels' - exploration, crows/pinecones, bear/lake.
  9. More info: it seems, in the editor, these parent/child relationships work as expected - when i move my camera in the editor, my child object moves with it. In-game, the parent/child relationship seems non-existent when the parent object's position is set with SetPosition()
  10. I see this too.. Interestingly, objects dragged in the scene tree to be children in an older build of the editor (Couldn't say which one) work correctly - e.g. I load an old map where a sprite is a 'child' of the camera, and it behaves as expected. In the latest Leadwerks (3.4beta), adding an object as a child of the camera in the Scene tree has no effect on the objects position or orientation, regardless of how the 'parent' camera is moved.
  11. Been busy working on filling out the terrain and making zones for the levels
  12. Hi, I was reading the docs for ForEachVisibleEntityDo and noticed that mention is made of an AABB in the docs, but does not seem to be relevant to this function (it uses the camera). The example code also defines, but does not use, an AABB. - this would appear to be a cut n paste from ForEachEntityInAABBDo() By no means a major issue, but I thought i would report it http://www.leadwerks.com/werkspace/page/documentation/_/command-reference/world/worldforeachvisibleentitydo-r506
  13. The 'asynchronous' implementation of X11 isnt really responsible for any issues in end-user UIs except for difficulty to sync application redraw with X11 server repaints, but this is never a problem for the applications themselves which just send x protocol messages whenever they like. It is just a huge problem for the x server to identify a 'ok this app is done updating so i'll copy its buffer to the screen' barrier. X11 is being replaced for many reasons, and this is definitely one of them, but i'm not sure the 'GTK is asynchronous' issue w/regard to updating widgets etc. is any more of
  14. YouGroove: I'm not sure an open source editor would yield immediate benefits - I mean, this is commercial software we all paid for. If we wanted to develop our own editors, we would probably be doing that. That being said, I would be interested in helping out if the editor was open source. Personally, I am hoping things will improve quickly. For my purposes, Leadwerks on Linux has been easy and fun to use.. Possibly i'm the only happy Leadwerks Linux user, but at least theres one of us?
  15. YouGroove: I think there are plenty of us Linux users active on the forum.. These threads are obvious proof of that. I think it's easy for these issues to turn into flamewars, and it is certainly true that building software that works seamlessly cross-platform is never all that easy - but as a Linux user, I too would appreciate software that works as it is supposed to.
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