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  1. I need Help! I am running into a very disheartening crash that I don't understand. My test level keeps crashing with the not-quite-helpful error message of "Object Table Not Found". I am not quite sure what this means, and the error is not consistent enough for me to trace effectively. Oddly enough if I run in debug mode, it just crashes out without even giving the error. Nothing complicated is going on in the level. I have a character, who fires an entity(trigger collision) and when the entity is close to the target point, I release the entity. It usually crashes after doing this
  2. I totally wasn't getting that the DrawImage had a scale function built right it. I don't know how I missed that. Thanks for not calling me out on that. I earned it, but it is nice that I slipped one by!
  3. Perfect, thanks. I will adjust the image size. Is there a way to scale the 2D image at runtime as well? This is an image I am throwing up on the screen, and I would like to be able to adjust it to the resolution if needed. I didn't see any commands to scale it in the Lua command reference.
  4. Hello, I have created a 2D 1600 x 160 pixel .PNG in GIMP that I placed into the Leadwerks folder. When I open the image in Leadwerks it is distorted to 2048 x 128. I have tried to adjust compression, reload the image several times but it just remains in the distorted shape. When I open it in paint, or another program it is the proper 1600x160 size. I have looked for a way to scale this 2D image in Leadwerks, but have not been successful. Can anyone please point me in the right direction on why this is importing with distorted dimensions, or how I can scale this 2D image in Lua so t
  5. Thank you Macklebee! I was able to use the example and noodle through spawning and tossing the snowball! I had to use SetVelocity() on the UpdatePhysics in order to track the target instead of just adjusting the flight path (AddForce made it hit warp speed for obvious reasons). It would be cool if I could just adjust the velocity to allow tracking and leave an arc from an initial AddForce Y value, but it works. I do have an issue with the target entity since I am using Point(). With the pivot on the floor I hit everyone's feet, and with Point() it doesn't seem like there is a way to j
  6. Hello all, I am having trouble positioning and moving an instanced entity. Basically, I am trying to instance a snowball in front of my creature and have him throw that snowball at the target. When I instance the object, I can force the position, but I don't know how to calculate the position relative to the player facing. I also do not know how to calculate and apply the correct the velocity vector to be applied in order for the snowball to be thrown. As part of this, I would also like to be able to adjust this trajectory during the physics update in case I need to track a target.
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