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  1. ok, I just tried creating a new folder in the model dir. but there was no auto update and I can still not see the new DIR. I have waited 7 min with no auto refresh happening, and there is no setting to be found under "Options". So, what I need is a walkthrough so I can get this fixed. I also tried using the properties options but they were no help either. BTW: all the options are checked in the Options Menu including asset refresh.
  2. If I move a director into the modes folder while LE is active it will not refresh and show the new directory or files until I restart the software. Is there a way to do this without saving and restarting?
  3. How about adding a Download meter to any assets that download at sratr up. As of now when the download crashes we have no way of telling. It just sits there until you finally start it over.
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