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  1. The imperial march is playing in my mind
  2. Asragan

    Web Development

    To be honest, i never liked the white background Perhaps a new color palette it will look better. http://presenciaweb.net/tools/circulo-cromatico/
  3. boring, making some kind of blood fx. Looks like it was hitted by a sword.
  4. Another thing, particles materials are spawn like at +30/45° perhaps i am doing something wrong. i solve this checking "rotate by velocity" so the material will appear at +90° without aplying any velocity and you have to turn your texture -90°.
  5. Particles don't have all the view modes than sprite have. If is a continuous animation the particle will flicker when end the animation because another one is created. you can make it with a large duration and increasing the animation cycles but in the end point will flicker. I am talking about just whot i see, perhaps i am missing something. the material and shader are little diferent i think.
  6. Can we have the same animation sprite sheet system that Particles Emitters have in the editor? i mean just insert the number of columns and rows of the texture and it plays the animation. mmm, perhaps some other particle fuctions too, alpha over time, etc... Thaks, and sorry for my english!
  7. Any idea when easy network comes?

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    2. Asragan


      I prefer and use Lua, but it would be helpful a tutorial using Source in C++ :). Thanks for the answers

    3. Asragan
    4. gamecreator


      Ha ha, I meant providing source code. I posted this a few years ago:


      but it could be made a little more organized and current.

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