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  1. Hi. Trying to use Leadwerks on Ubuntu 18.04 64bit with a Geforce GTX 750 Ti but when I try to open an existing project or start a new one, after clicking OK to load it, Leadwerks crashes. Nothing is written in the Leadwerks.log. I'm using the latest proprietary drivers and to use the old version is not an option in case that would be a solution. Could anyone help? I mean, it a fresh install of the OS and Leadwerks, so whatever the problem is, it must be solved on Leadwerks side. Thanks.
  2. Just tried Blender 2.73, it fbx exporter works but this Leadwerks exporter doesn't, having the same problem with it. Thanks.
  3. HI. I have a problem with the exporter, it doesn't export parameters of child objects properly. My object looks looks like this in Blender: And this is how it looks like in Leadwerks: As you can see the blue thing which is a child object, is not right. It position and angle is wrong. Tried the fbx exporter of Blender but I can't import it. I get "failed to load object" error message. Using Blender 2.71 Thanks.
  4. Hi. I was using the Level Editor in the past few days and I feel it a bit limited because I can create, scale, rotate only basic and whole shapes. A Level Editor in Leadwerks can be a really useful feature but to design a really nice unique level we still have to use external modeling tools which makes the Level Editor somehow less useful. If I have to fire up a modeling tool to design any part of the level, why should I use Leadwerks editor to create walls and floors, I can do that easily in any modeling tool, and I'm really mentioning here custom shapes to make a level unique not to modeling
  5. Thanks for your help, yes a training can be useful maybe I'm going to book an appointment with you sometime
  6. Hi, Sorry for the noob question but I really have no idea what am I doing wrong. I would like to check Inside an object Lua script If a specified Key is pressed then play a specified animation of the object but I always get "then" expected near "(" or "("expectd near ' or argument expected near "(" error message and I have no idea what am I doing wrong. I was looking for the answer in the documentation and in other Lua scripts but I just can't get it to work. This is the code I'm using function Script:UpdateWorld() if window:KeyDown(Key.W) then self.entity:SetAnimationFrame(Tim
  7. I'm new to Leadwerks maybe this features are already planned or suggested. I was playing around with the terrain editor in the past few days, and there are some features that I think would be really useful to have, such as: -base layer: to blend a texture in to all layers -vegetation painting: to paint grass -entity painting: to paint just about any models on the terrain if we need many, such as trees, rocks, barrels, crates, dead bodies, enemies, anything -shininess: to set the shininess of selected layer, can be useful for ice, snow textures for example -visibility: to remove parts o
  8. Thanks for the help, the tutorial videos are very useful, well explained. I wish that we would have all the terrain options of v2 in v3, such as base layer to blend a texture in to all layers, grass panting, visibility and shininess. Pretty cool features. I hope that they going to be implemented in v3 in the future. Thanks again
  9. For all the model packs I own, I can read this in included readme file or on the official store page of the pack: I think in case of model packs, licensing and converting to other format is not a problem, TGC want to sell as many as possible. I think only the included models that comes with FPS Creator is the ones you are not allowed to use them in other engines or convert them to other formats. Unwrap3D .X importer and .FBX exporter works pretty good with FPSC models and Leadwerks at the moment, but it can change any time and also cost money, this is the reason I suggest off
  10. As far as I now, once you have purchased the model packs, you are allowed to use them with any engine you wish. They made the models with FPS Creator In mind (ready to use In FPS Creator), but in terms of licensing, you are not restricted to use them only with FPS Creator. There are 76 model packs available. Thousands of animated models I guess. Not very good quality models, especially the older ones, but the price also cheap and can be useful for isometric games, though the weapons and newer models looks good imo. But as I mentioned, even more models and better quality models are coming as
  11. Okay, something is happening now. Depending on min-max slope and height settings I can paint the higher layer on the top of the lower layer for example I can paint layer 3 on the top of layer 2, layer 4 on the top of layer 3 and so on. Well, It not something I was expecting, I wish we could paint any layer anywhere as in 3D World Studio. But at least we have 16 layers to play around with. Thanks for all help
  12. No it doesn't work. I'm selecting the paint tool, click on a layer once, start clicking in the editor and nothing happening. What am I missing?
  13. Thanks for your reply. If I'm double click on diffuse under layer, it only open the texture editor for me, I can't paint textures. I can add textures to layer 1,2,3,4,,6,7,8.... but I can't choose any of them to paint, I can only set minimum, maximum height where the layer start, stop. But I would like to "paint" any texture anywhere on the terrain as in 3D world studio for example.
  14. Hi. I would like to suggest to ship an x/dbo to fbx converter with Leadwerks out of the box. This way, Leadwerks users could easily import FPS Creator models to use them in Leadwerks. TGC has released tons of 3D models to use with FPS Creator and more and better quality is coming with Reloaded . I think an officially supported converter can be useful. We can already easily convert FPSC models to use them in Leadwerks 3 by using Ultimate Unwrap 3D but it cost money, and also no guarantee it going to be developed and going to convert FPSC models to fbx with no glitches forever. So, I think an of
  15. Hi, I'm new to Leadwerks 3 and I would like to get some help with Terrain painting. My problem is that, when I select the painting tool in terrain editor and I click on a layer, nothing happens, can't paint the terrain. The only thing I can do is to select minimum and maximum slope and height for every layer (texture) and when I sculpt the terrain it change the layer (texture) at some point, but as there is a painting tool to choose I think we can paint the selected texture on the terrain somehow but I don't know how and also can't find tutorials. The only tutorial I find is for Leadwerks 2.x
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