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  1. This is a video of a tutorial for easy character development.
  2. This is an overview of a game I am working on for Leadwerks. I show a little gameplay but mostly just talk about what I'm planning to do in the future and what the game is about. Sorry for the bad video recording, I'm sort of new to this. :)
  3. Stealth mechanics, improved graphics, and a dog!
  4. This is a small update video! It probably isn't as exciting as last video, but it shows some progress that's been made including some small bug fixes. Updates: -More of the soundtrack is in this video -The pause menu GUI has a major overhaul (will likely
  5. Some gameplay footage to create a trailer for Crime Closer. Please for this game on Greenlight! http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=358772338 Credits: Some models are from Arteria3D
  6. This is the first video of my Steam game. Sorry for the double post, I uploaded to the wrong account initially.
  7. Just some tech demo-type thing I've been experimenting with to allow for some more efficient character customization
  8. Intro video to the series. There are 5 videos up right now.
  9. Because pumpkins shatter right?
  10. @gamecreator It looks noisy because it uses a massive amount of rays for the raycasts. People often use cone-tracing with a mipmap chain instead of scattering rays because of the cache trashing and ridiculous amounts of memory lookups. "GPU Pro 5" has a nice chapter about this called "Hi-Z Screen-Space Cone-Traced Reflections." Josh's post is a pretty interesting demo though.
  11. @Josh Yeah, I know, but I meant that the OP could place instances (models) by himself for destructible vegetation. @tournamentdan I don't remember seeing any geometry shaders for the vegetation last time I checked. I doubt that would be a good idea though. I think I remember Josh trying that, and he said something about it not having great performance.
  12. Ok, then just set a max distance from the player. For example, have them "Follow()" until they reach a certain distance from the player, then call "Stop()".
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