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  1. During the summer I got more and more entangled game entity classes in my game project, and I really wish I had read this before I started on my journey. I recently stumbled on this article talking about why OOP is not really good for (larger) games to manage game entities, and that introduced me to a better approach. I have yet to test this out in Leadwerks as I am trying to learn more about this before taking a major overhaul. Anyway I hope this could help other people here that might struggle with this. Link to article: http://www.gamedev.net/page/resources/_/technical/game-programming/
  2. Wow! Linda Fyen certainly got talent. Would this be classified as AAA? Would this be able to run at 100+ FPS on a decent gpu?
  3. Hi! I am currently trying to make a laser beam in C++ but so far without success. Sure I could use a 2D-line but that I think is not the best way to do so. Could this made with shaders and if so how?
  4. Did I ever thought a good quality character would cost $1500+, obvious my price estimation was to naive. I presume it is an AAA character with all animation needed for a typical game. Some AAA characters could make a cool tech demo for Leadwerks, I thinking a mini game made with C++ to really show off the potential that Leadwerks engine has (just an idea). This could serve as a template for C++. Yes while I agree it may not be wise for AAA.
  5. Some observations I have seen when other people play on their computer is that righties use WASD and lefties use arrows, so therefor one should implement both as standard for a game. Lefties often have the mouse on the left. Also noted that people that are using inverted mouse envision that the characters head (camera) has a stick w/handle back on the head and the mouse is like a hand on that stick (sorry not good at explaining this). And that people using non-inverted mouse are envisioning that the head is on a pole-stick and that the mouse is like the eye of that character. Again this illus
  6. ohh I see, I really should have paid more attention to the title
  7. If you got a GUI class then you could use an enum class inside your class. Use it like this: MyClass::MyEnum::GREEN. If you want to use it as an ordinary enum you could use C-style casting to int. class MyClass { public: MyClass(); virtual ~MyClass(); enum class MyEnum { NONE = 0, RED, GREEN, BLUE }; }
  8. Here's a suggestion, why not pick the top 3-5 and have them send an image sample and then have a community poll who get to make those models. At least it would be cool to see those samples. Anyway can't wait for the next workshop
  9. Yeah it must be the unwrap thing. Well I'll try to find a blender tutorial on youtube. Thanks.
  10. I used the Blender Exporter and exported a simple box with wood texture but in Leadwerks Editor it is without texture. This what I made in Blender: And after exporting it to Leadwerks: I can't figure out what I did wrong with this. How do I get the texture to show up?
  11. This might: float tRoty; // Calculate angle from point A towards point B Vec3 tv = secondEntity.GetPosition - entity->GetPosition(); tRoty = Math::ATan2(tv.x, tv.z);
  12. Try using Math:Atan2, if I remember correctly you get the angle between them.
  13. I am currently on a low-end wifi network somewhere and I wish that after restarting LE to download those workshop items that there could have been some indication of the download progress. A simple 0% to 100% text on the splash screen would be enough. I am looking at it and wonder if I should abort the download or not. Three minutes later it is complete! Yay!
  14. Yes that would be great. How should one implement GameScripts like "if player has red-skeleton-key and BigBoss is defeated --> open up a new path for next level". Something like that perhaps.
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