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  1. Genebris

    Sot Kaal

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    Heavily pixelated platformer because I thought that Leadwerks community was missing one.
  2. Can you make Photoshop?
  3. Great, that's what I would like to see when I've just bought the kit. By the way, what if I want to use VS Code? I'd still need to have Visual Studio open and compile in it, right?
  4. I never understood what does this thing do in the first place. Maybe it's the first parameter of SetInput? https://www.leadwerks.com/learn?page=API-Reference_Object_Entity_SetInput
  5. Genebris



    Very fast and difficult arena FPS where the goal is to kill as many enemies as you can until you are dead. Collect ammo and health pickups to stay alive longer. Features: Bunny hopping and wall jumping 3 weapons: Anesthetic. Shotgun and Firework. Firework's rocket inherits a percentage of your speed when launched 2 types of enemies: mele and archers Steam leaderboards Painkiller OST a.k.a. "The best music in games" by Mech
  6. I thought you use Blender. It's like a number 1 software in game dev, indie at least.
  7. Is there any new information on the new engine release date?

    1. Cromartie


      Было бы хорошо если Джош давал больше информации о новом движке)

    2. Josh


      Ultra App Kit will be released first, this month. I got about half the documentation written for the new engine during that process. I think releasing the engine SDK this summer is possible.

  8. If we are talking about doing anything like Blender, I would LOVE to see the G hotkey like in Blender. Using gizmos is such a pain and a waste of time, I'm going crazy using any other 3D software just because of this.
  9. Genebris


    Very fast and difficult arena FPS where the goal is to kill as many enemies as you can until you are dead. Collect ammo and health pickups to stay alive longer.  
  10. I love when everything is named like GetValue / SetValue. Clean and logical.
  11. It's very good for beginners and this knowledge will convert to whatever you want to use next.
  12. That's perfect, thanks. I just want a pure 120 FPS game with no cut corners like only having rendering at that rate.
  13. I assume main thread doesn't have to be locked at 60hz, right?
  14. I get the orientation part, but what about position? Is it interpolated? I don't want any smoothing or lags in my movement.
  15. Don't you need to have your player movement in rendering thread as well then?
  16. Some people like t have video tutorials for absolutely anything. Plus you can show results of your code and give explanations better than in text. Personally, whenever I buy any framework, I hope to see beginner tutorials on youtube in addition to documentation.
  17. Yes, you would need to use regular rigid body for characters instead of character controller. But then you run into different laggy behaviors with movement. Really unfortunate but current character controller is very limiting.
  18. Да, не поддерживает. Если ты имеешь в виду текст в интерфесе выводить, то, наверное, можно заменить шрифт на какой-нибудь свой.
  19. But API is completely different, how would C# help at all?
  20. Are you interested in other Kickstarter campaigns or just games in general?
  21. It seems great for GI but I'm not sure if this can replace environment probes and sslr. Maybe on rough and dirty materials it's not noticable but with this kind of reflective walls resolution is just too low
  22. I feel like this was already discussed but I forgot. Can you still move bones in script? How can you do procedural animation if bones aren't entities?
  23. Oh I would kill for that if it also had Lua scripts!
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