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  1. Updated the source zip. Removed some unneeded files. It is a tad smaller now
  2. Uhm, I've got the standard here, so can't really check. But as some C compiling is involved (also for the client), I'd assume the full version be needed...
  3. Thought I could write my first Blog entry and report about my ventures into network programming with Leadwerks, ENet and Lua. Also, provide some source code. Okay, here we go: What I wanted to do My test app should be a client-server setup where clients can connect to the server, see each other's avatar, send chat lines and move around their avatar on a plane. Nothing fancy really, just to get into the topic. The ENet network library (http://http://enet.bespin.org/) should be used, and network functions should be exposed from C to Leadwerk's lua engine (as I wanted to do the main 'gam
  4. Rather than creating a new topic, I feel free to jump in here with a related question. Anyone got objects (Vec3, in my case) passed between lua and C? For e.g. int types, I would do like (calling from lua into C) lua_register(Interpreter::L, "CalledFromLua", CalledFromLua); extern "C" int CalledFromLua(lua_State* L) { int i = lua_tointeger(Leadwerks::Interpreter::L,1) CallMyFunc(i); return 0; } and (calling from C into lua) void CalledFromC(int i) { lua_getglobal(Leadwerks::Interpreter::L, "AFunction"); if (!lua_isfunction(Leadwerks::Interpreter::L, -1)) { lua_po
  5. Lol, wanted to integrate enet with LW - just to discover it is already in 8-)

    1. funnygamemaker


      Do you know if enet is only with the c++ version or is it also with the lua version?


    2. miko93


      Please refer to this forum post: http://www.leadwerks.com/werkspace/topic/8739-enet-and-leadwerks/page__hl__enet

      Looks like it is not exposed to lua for now.

  6. Just for the records: I have seen a similar effect as tinyboss.
  7. Thank you all for the tips! Had a play with FFSplit now - and it looks good. My first video there:
  8. Guys, the tool of choice for making LW dev videos is Fraps, right? Or is there something else you would recommend (also, something for post-editing)? Thanks
  9. Nothing really new - but anyway, these are my key points: - the C++ API (hell, I still can't be arsed to dive into lua) - full shader access - helpful and responsive community - regular dev presence in forums
  10. Wonderful landscape, grats! Say, could you elaborate a bit more on how you made the terrain, the vegetation and such? Or, maybe, did you do so already someplace else? Thanks a lot.
  11. Thanks for your comments. Ah, I see - yeah, keyframe animation is the word. So, I will try to rig that thing and then see how it goes. For clarification: Yes, I did export with animation and that could be interpreted by UU3D. I did not export again from UU3D and try with LW then afterwards, tho.
  12. Hi Folks, I have set up a very basic animated model in C4D (R15 in my case) and exported to fbx. It is just a cube spinning on a platform (no rigging or whatnot). Upon LW import, the animation does not show up, tho. It imports well into UU3D and others. The fbx can be found here: http://www.mikoweb.eu/tmp/LW_Testmodel.zip Anyone got such animation into LW directly from C4D (R15 in my case)? (I know I could/should try using e.g. UU3D or Blender as "middleware", but would love to get it in directly...) Thanks for your comments.
  13. Think I have the same problem here. After exiting LW, I can't close Steam, as it thinks LW is still active. Also, I get the "already running" message on restarting LW.
  14. At least for Windows, I assume LW is using the Win API ShowCursor function. See here: http://msdn.microsoft.com/de-de/library/windows/desktop/ms648396%28v=vs.85%29.aspx This function actually uses a counter, not just switching the cursor on/off. Starting with 0 = mouse ON (!). Counting through your code: Program Start: 0 Call to ShowMouse: 1 Call to Hidemouse: 0 Call to ShowMouse: 1 Call to HideMouse: 0 As Windows hides the mouse with counter -1 and below, it is never hidden - I think. If this really is the case, the LW docs might need a bit of updating...
  15. Actually, I have a stub dll test case in place now. Got me the SDK and linked it with a dll which in turn is loaded dynamically at runtime now (or, well, not - as one prefers). During testing, I noticed that the steam.dll keeps rather passive, as long as the SDK's SteamAPI_Init() isn't called. So, to me, it seems Leadwerks invokes the SteamAPI_Init() not only during a call of Steamworks::Initialize (what I was assuming), but always. If this is correct, some remedy could be achieved by moving the call to Steamworks::Initialize and only execute on demand. No need to fiddle with steam_appid.t
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