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Blog Comments posted by MilitaryG

  1. But.... I am a Linux fan boy ^__^ lol ( everyone should use linux!! haha )


    It doesn't necessarily stop anyone from playing it, it just means people would have to be patient but unless its a large popular game they probably wouldn't even notice until it released on their OS/platform anyway (with some lower profile indie games that's how it has been for me finding them anyway)


    Its hard to argue that though, and you're right... If the game is good enough it would likely show up in those mags and on those sites anyway tongue.png

    afaik the content of games only shows in mags IF the company pays for that not if game is good enough.


    I've never saw AAA game in any mags. except in good old days.

  2. ok I don't know for how long is this going on but if from 3.0 to 3.1 is in few months I guess 3.0 should get 3.1 free.


    it's what we did support on Kickstarter 3.1 is already payed off double.


    Well I'm new user and even if it was already payed off I gladelly payed for preorder 3.1 few days ago.


    Also those people that earn money with games will easily afford 199$/month.


    who's complaining - People like me - that don't have any games published yet from witch to earn money.


    BUT I'm also 1 that's not complaining at this and if release is comming only 1 per year I wouldn't mind paying another 199$


    ALSO for my programming habbit I probably wouldn't buy it for few years as I mostly don't care about graphics but about designing game play and that takes loads of time programming learning and adjusting.


    Also what's wrong with the old one?

    there's an old saying don't fix what aint broken.


    but even if till next year payable update I won't get any profit I'll still buy it because I support products that are made for Linux.


    ALSO IF in the kickstarter there would be more than max 2k missing I would give that 2k so I'd get it to linux.


    but the budged is doubled.


    But I have some else idea if Josh will listen to OFC I'll give it ONLY IF I will like the engine when 3.1 is released.

  3. it might be old post but I gotta say.


    Never underestimate the power Linux users are willing to give to their supporters.


    Linux users mostly has much more money in pockets, because big lobby companies have not dry us out.


    and we do support what's needed - not what's not needed.


    and this is something we desperatelly do need.

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  4. releast Linux first wait a bit so we do kinda same message toards windows as they were giving to us.


    Also it does make them want to get it right away and they will most probably want to get on Linux and will figure out hey this aint that bad, ...


    Also times are changing and Gaming on Linux is becoming more and more popular.

    I'ts getting here.

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