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  1. Hey. I am very confused, I see in the store area that Leadwerks 3.1 is now an order instead of preorder. alright so it is downloadable now, but when I go to client area for download my preorder, no download link comes up?

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    2. zanderuk


      cheers josh. haha yea i am ex military, used to whipping :D no but it is quite alright that things takes time, but as i noticed there was little to no information regarding the preorders. I dont know about all of you, but i like a heads up once a while :)

    3. Josh


      They're all sent out now.

    4. zanderuk


      Yea i saw, thanks josh, i will look at your engine tonight when i get time :) ive been reading quite a bit and i am excited to see its capabilities :) Might become a regular customer ;)


      Have a great day

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