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  1. yes yes I understand it, the problem is when I write Tk macklebee
  2. Hi, (first i`m spanish, my english is not 100% readable and google traslate It's worse than I) so i dont buy the engine yet.... but, i can make a game with physics puzzles, like amnesia?, is "hard" Lua to learn?, i check the code ( the sample with the demo), and,.... i lose the connection to my brain. i know, is not easy... but is possible?, like.. ammm "take this box and place here" so a trigger activate and the door is open, orrr somthing (I'm sure I misspelled that word) like that
  3. lo que hacen por la comunidad linux no tiene nombre, sigan así what they do for the linux community has no name, keep it up And again, |Google translate i hate you!
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