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Combat Helo - Gunnery


With Combat Helo : Gunnery you control of the most realistic simulation of the AH-64D attack helicopter to date.

A retro-take on classic PC combat simulations from the 1990s, learn to pilot the most advanced attack helicopter featuring detailed avionics and authentic weapons across a typical live-fire gunnery range. Earn your wings, blow stuff up and run the low level challengies.

Combat Helo features a full 3D cockpit (TrackIR head-tracking support), realistic avionics and dual seat operation. Our helicopters include an advanced flight-model using advanced blade theory with stability options for casual pilots. A full PC HOTAS (hands on throttle and stick) is strongly recommended for play.

Future expansions will include new world locations, avionic updates, mission packs, more challenging enemies and co-operative multiplayer.


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