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Luawerks is a Lua framework for video games developed on the Leadwerks Game Engine. It supplies developers with additonal functions, handles the game loop and allows them to debug their code with a developers console. With all that out of the way, you can focus on making your game fun!


  • The Window, Timing, World, are taken care of within the framework.
  • Correct resolution settings when the game is launched in fullscreen.
  • Debug, load maps and even add your own commands with the built-in developer console.
  • Built in methods to prevent loading invalid assets.
  • Easily precache sounds, models, textures, and prefabs to increase load times!
  • Graphic setting controls are implemented and can be changed on the fly by the console!
  • Luawerks knows when you're launching from an editor and will go into a 'developer mode' which enables the developer console and force the game to go into a windowed mode. You can change some of these settings and manually call the mode with a batch/bash file.
  • It's written in Lua. Change it to fit your needs without recompiling!

Learn how to intergrate Luawerks with your game, along with other tricks:

Report any issues/bugs with the Issue Tracker: 

What's New in Version 1.2.8   See changelog


Luawerks has been updated to version 1.2.8. The following changes have been applied.

  • Fixed GUI code for Leadwerks Game Engine 4.6
  • Removed the feature "allowfullscreenfromeditor" as it was causing conflicts with fullscreen.
  • Added ignoreeditorwinsettings bool setting to force the game to ignore editor launch settings.
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