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Snow Rider is an arcade snowboarding game.

There are two gameplay modes: Time Trial and Free Roam.
In Time Trial you have 1 minute and 30 seconds to score as high as possible by doing tricks. Your score in Time Trial will be added to the Leaderboard and only the Top 5 scores will show up on the Leaderboard.
In Free Roam you have no time limit but your score is not saved. You can teleport back to the start at anytime by hitting Backspace while you aren't moving.


F1 - Toggle DrawStats (FPS and other dev things)

Ground Controls-
W - Push Forward
S - Brake
A - Turn Left
D - Turn Right
Shift - Toggle Sprint
Spacebar - Jump

Air Controls-
A - Turn Left
D - Turn Right
Up Arrow Key - Nose Grab
Down Arrow Key - Tail Grab
Left Arrow Key - Method Grab
Right Arrow Key - Indy Grab
Enter - Shifty


Hold Spacebar down before releasing it to jump to increase your jump height.
You can Hold tricks by holding down the trick key. (doesn't apply to shifty)
You rotate/turn a lot slower when sprinting or preparing to jump.
Doing multiple tricks while in the air multiplies the score you will receive.
There is no need to hold down W to move; just hit W to start moving or to move forward faster.
Colliding with rocks and trees will hurt you if you are moving fast enough.

-Extra Information-

This game was made for the leadwerks winter tournament of 2017 in a short period of time so it is rather rough. I tested this game on 3840x2160 and 1920x1080 resolutions so those are optimal but any resolution should work fine since the mouse isn't even used. I also ran into issues with the game engine while developing this game so it currently has some bugs I can't fix until the engine itself is fixed.

Known Bug List -
Can't rotate/turn when not moving. - solution: move to turn
Character can fall through the world. - solution: exit game and start it again
Memory leak causes performance to drop after a short time - solution: exit game and start it again
Character slows down on slopes. - solution: none
Character trick animations can get stuck in a loop. - solution: none

I did have plans to add other features but they weren't finished in time for this release.
If I continue working on this project some future plans may include -
more tricks! (flips, more grab tricks)
racing mode (vs. ai characters, solo timed runs with leaderboard)
new maps (ice caves, canyons, more mountain maps)
more scenery (glaciers, billboards, snowy trees, smaller rocks, more particles, etc.)
breakable objects (billboards, glass)
unique landmarks (castles, ski lifts, unique buildings, etc.)
free cam toggle option that toggles a free spectator cam on/off for screenshots and stuff when the game is paused.
more songs
ability to change song playing
new and improved animations


Game music is from - http://freemusicarchive.org/music/Broke_For_Free/Directionless_EP/

Other Files from Haydenmango

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