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An old graveyard was infested with pumpkin plants that turned the corpses into pumpkin head monsters. It is up to you to destroy the source of the infestation and save the world from the pumpkin heads!


Controls -

W - Move Forward

S - Move Backwards

A - Move Left

D - Move Right

Hold Shift - Sprint

Spacebar - Jump


H - Turns Hardcore mode On/Off (you take more damage in hardcore mode)

Q - Kick (knocks enemies back but doesn't do much damage)

E - Charge (charge forward and if you collide with something you attempt a power attack)

R - Open Chest

P - Pause/Resume Game

Left Mouse Hit - Normal Attack (hits one enemy and doesn't use stamina)

Right Mouse Hit - Power Attack (hits all enemies within attack range and has a chance to stun or knock enemies back)

I - Take Screenshot (the screenshot will be called "ROTPHscreenshot1.tga")


Tips -

Killing enemies restores health and stamina!

Green and Blue wisps will restore your stamina or health when you are nearby.

You can jump and charge.

There are hidden chests that don't contain keys but they will give you health and stamina.

Get Keys from Chests to open doors.

Enemy attacks can be dodged so don't stand still!

Keep your enemies in front of you so that you don't get surrounded.

Fat guys explode once they are nearby so either kick them away or run!

Pumpkin throwers don't have much health but can deal a lot of damage, target them first in battles.


Credits -

Many assets were created by Rich DiGiovanni and Einlander. They can be found here - http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=314911379&searchtext=halloween


Many models and textures were done by Nobiax. Check out his work here --


Fog shader from shadmar.

Skybox from ChrisV.

Human models were made in MakeHuman and animated by me in Blender.

Thanks for playing!

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Other Files from Haydenmango

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