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Hey guys/gals,

Time for something a little different - an educational game! This is my entry for the February 2018 Tourney called J-Train. Here's your big chance to learn a little Japanese while playing with trains! The demo just includes one lesson for now, but I'll probably fill out the rest in time.

Controls are simple, after a short lesson/tutorial you're taken to the rail yard where you have to load shipping containers onto trains. Simply click a container and then click on an empty corresponding freight car to load it. Click the HINT button if you need to refresh your memory from the previous lesson but it'll cost you points.

The game is a bit repetitive but that's a good thing when one is trying to learn a foreign language!

Feel free to leave comments on my Steam page (click the Website button).



1. Click Download to download the game

2. Extract the all the contents of the zip file into a new folder

3. Double-Click Jtrain.exe to start the game. If you get a Windows warning ('Windows protected your PC'), simply click 'More Info' and then 'Run anyway'.

NOTE: The game might not run if you don't have the OpenAL API installed on your PC. I've included a quick and easy OpenAL installer in the zip file (look for file "OpenAL_Installer"). It's common audio software that is used in many games which is usually installed automatically during the install process.

4. Click "NEW GAME" once (Do not spam click it or it might crash). The game will take a few moments to load even though its not immediately obvious.

5. Once you hear the music and see the title screen you're go to go!


The "NEXT" and "BACK" buttons on the Tutorial screen are little sticky.

Clicking on moving trains may cause the game to crash

Word bonuses aren't implemented yet

Other Files from CangoJoe

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