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Winter Games Tournament 2016 Entry

Developed By: Toxin Games

Version: Public Alpha Version 1.00

Platform: Windows


You control the adventurer, Rick, who is on a hunt for an ancient artifact for his museum. During his search in an underground ruin, he feels an earthquake and, before he knows it, the ground caves in beneath his feet! Rick is then swallowed into a secret temple! Trapped inside, Rick must proceed forward through the newly discovered ruin using his wits to solve puzzles, collect keys, and survive to escape the labyrinth. Will he ever find a way out of this secret underground dungeon or will it become his permanent tomb? It is up to you to help guide Rick out of his unfortunate state.


FPS Controls:

  • W,A,S,D Movement
  • Spacebar Jump
  • Shift Sprint
  • CTRL, C Crouch
  • TAB, E Inventory
  • Left Mouse Button Whip Attack
  • Right Mouse Button, F Use

Inventory Controls:

  • Left Mouse Button {Hold} Grab & Drag Item
  • Right Mouse Button Use Item

* You can drop items by grabbing and dragging them out of the inventory boxes.


  • Escape the labyrinth by completing each area without dying.
  • There is no respawn. If you die, you are dead permanently... Unless you start a new game, of course.
  • Watch your hunger level, it will decrease overtime. Once it is empty, your health is taken away overtime due to starvation.
  • Hunger decreases quicker if you sprint. Use sprint wisely.
  • Food replenishes 25 hunger and 10 health.
  • Potions replenishes 35 health
  • Keys are used to open locked doors. To use a key, go up to the door, open your inventory, use the key (Right Click).
  • Pots can contain items. Break them with your whip.
  • You can only hold 9 items at a time. Store only what you need. Drop items and pick them up when you need them.
  • TNT can blow up damaged walls, revealing secrets. TNT can be also used for defense against hordes of enemies.
  • To use TNT, open up your inventory, right click on the TNT stick.
  • Pressure plates open passages, but only if something is on top of them. Put a block on top to keep them down.
  • You can lift green boxes. Go up to it and right click on the box to pick up. Right click again to release box. Left click to throw box.


  • Kevin Schuster (TØXIN): Programming, Design, Art, Sound FX
  • Nick Schmitt (Mr. Graves): Art, Design

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