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Leadwerks 2.5x + Dark AI = DAILE?

Marleys Ghost


I am currently working with EKI One, working through its format and structure, getting to grips with the lua behavioural scripting side and trying to brush up on my c++ skills, actually brushing up on my c++ skills is an overstatement as I don't actually have any to brush up! .. lol, I have also been going through my Blitzmax code and trying to compile all the game mechanic functions and methods into a single .mod, trying to keep things tidy. Whilst going through my **** drive, I mean, my well organised storage drive, I found some DarkBasic/DarkGDK stuff, which included the Dark AI library. I have never really used DarkGDK, although I did start out a few years back with DarkBasic. So I wondered (as you do), could it be utilised in LE2.5? Having never used Dark AI (which came in a bundle, that I have never used either, but it was a bargain lol) I knew that R.T.F.M. would be in order. If it relied solely on DBobjects and inherent DarkBasic functionality then probably not. I spent half an hour looking through the commands, and an hour later had it working in an LE context. So to answer the question, it seems you can.




I'd have upped a better quality image but I am told "You can upload up to 7.74K of files " wacko.pngbiggrin.png





Its all a work in progress, and probably will remain that way as its certainly nowhere near the solution that EKI One is, but as an exercise it wasn't a bad use of a few hours.


I will post a demo in the showcase later for those interested.


EDIT : Demo posted here : http://www.leadwerks...-ai/#entry45564

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@Pixel: yeah, I vaguely remember that, Chiblue rings a bell although I could be wrong. It was an interesting exercise but I will be spending my time working with EKI One, Dark AI maybe be a basic and entry level AI solution and with FSM's using its manual mode commands has the potential to be a useful tool, but I will be concentrating on EKI One for my needs. wink.png

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so you can use Dark AI With leadwerks. Just include the necessary headerfiles and link to the dark AI library in you C++ code. Will this still be the case in L3D?

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so you can use Dark AI With leadwerks. Just include the necessary headerfiles and link to the dark AI library in you C++ code.


Not forgetting to fix the linker errors and conflicts from other libs and then writing the data Interface functions to get both LE and DAI working together, along with the collision building routines for the scene and a "few" other things, before drawing up the FSM's. If only it was as simple as just including the header file and pointing the linker to the .lib, it might have only taken me 20 mins instead of a full hour and a half lol


Will this still be the case in L3D?


No idea, I have little interest in LE3, but I can't see why the same intergration would not be possible.

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do you have a tutorial on how to link the 2 libs together or could you write one maybe, I'm sure the community would absolutly love it.

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