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Leadwerks Engine 2.5 Update Available



Leadwerks Engine 2.5 has been updated with a few small fixes and added commands.

-Added GetModelLODEntity(), CountModelLODEntities().

-Added vegetation index in pick structure.

-Improved vegetation terrain coloring.

-Fixed terrain color map.


You can download the update by running the Leadwerks Engine sync tool.


Recommended Comments

84 files to update.

There is now also a Engine_noconsole.exe included, which allows to run Lua games without the additional DOS window.

Update completed in 147 seconds.

It seems the BlitzMax files were forgotten.

The engine.dll seems to be missing CountModelLODEntities, or it is defined wrongly.

The engine.dll has still version number 2.5 which makes it really hard to see if the projects have the latest engine.dll - it should be 2.51 because a header update is needed since there are new commands and features.

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Thanks, I added the BMX files and recompiled and updated the DLL.


The current version of the engine is still 2.5.

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So 2.5 is like 2.50, but has more commands and features, OK! :)

6 files to update.

Update completed in 55 seconds.

CountModelLODEntities is now in the engine.dll and everything compiles fine.

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That was the 2nd patch, so it's about 84+6, but some files were updated twice, so it's at most 84+6. Probably exactly 88, since 90-2 = 88, and engine.dll and engine_debug.dll were the only files which were updated twice. Not sure what additional 1 file you got, maybe you had changed some file in the SDK and it was then replaced with the official version.

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Sync Tool = Update.exe??? Or is there something new? It's updating all 890 files at the moment.

Same here..

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Guest Red Ocktober


it shouldn't be replacing everything...


did you make sure that the same folder was pointed to, and that you didn't check off the force clean install (or whatever its called)...



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It's always downloaded every file for me in the past and Josh said that's normal when I asked. Are you saying that's been fixed in this version?

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If there is a new version number, everything gets downloaded, because it is all new files. Otherwise, only the files with an older time stamp on your machine get overwritten.

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