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Kabul Street

Michael Betke


Maybe some of you have seen my work in progress thread for some while now but the final screenshots and work breakdown deserve an own Blog entry in my opinion.


I think the snippet from my company website explains the project quite well:


"The city environment of a sub-urb in Kabul was done for "serious gaming" purposes which simply means a simulation of trained tasks in a save environment - like a flight simulator. Our task was to develop seven buildings with complete additional props setup. The client will add vehicles and people with his simulation editor to fill the environment."


Doing the project was pretty much straight forward. Collecting references, thinking about what buildings would make sense. Extracting textures - mostly for billbaords - from the references. Other textures are from CG-textures which is great source for an artists needs. I also used the decals from there which saved me a lot of time. After doing the assets all stuff has been added into Leadwerks Editor. Last thing was light setup and a small surrounding mountain terrain like Kabul has.


Leadwerks did very well using the project. I get a decent performance around 40-50 fps on maximum details with an 1680px screen resolution. Most work was involved into modeling but Leadwerks handeld the polycount of the city well plus "ADN Shadereditor" was a real timesaver although I have some wishes for improvements in further versions. I'm now looking into new journeys with Pure3d like doing Arch-Viz based realtime work and a CG rendered job for the next months. Most of it is NDA'ed so I will only post some stuff via Twitter. Check the Pure3d Twitter (https://twitter.com/pure3d) channel also to get notice of the Kabul Street video which will be released the next view days.


Enough writing, some screenshots:












I'm not yet sure if I want to sell the models from this project plus the rural area together in a asset-pack because the last vegetation collection wasn't such a success I was hoping for although a lot of bushes are in which could be used in every project. Maybe I should have used another name or people don't need more vegetation.


Recommended Comments

The ambient light areas ruin the overall quality, while the scene quality is very good else.

SSAO tries to fix the quality loss abit, but you could turn off SSAO completely when using spot and pointlights.

I would rather use 0,0,0 ambient light, and use spot and pointlights to illuminate too dark areas.

I've seen some small scenes with a few pointlights, and they look really good when placed right (if you remember the scene with the dead lizardman laying on a stone).

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this is amazing master.. very good!

about your model packs, I think you should spend more time on advertising. I didn't seen them any where instead of polycount, game-artists, and here in your posts. people need to know your services.

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Well everyone improves while practicing. But I discover new things while watching training DVDs or reading forums and articles.


But it's nice to see others notice that my work seems to get better. :) Sometimes I notice not and see only the probles I have here and there hehe.

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Fantastic Michael. Can I be bold enough to make a comment :) Perhaps there could be some rubbish in the gutters and empty shop doorways or piles of dust and sand around.

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Yes Gordonramp i would like to see it too. The client decided to scatter litter by himself. Same goes for cars and people which woul really be awesome to see on the streets. If it was a personal project they would be added. .)

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