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Industrial Cargo Model Pack Released



The Industrial Cargo Model Pack is now available for only $9.95. This package includes three cargo containers and two wooden spools. All assets are certified game-ready for Leadwerks Engine. This is just some of Dave Lee's work, and there's lots more coming!


blogentry-1-076176400 1280904346_thumb.jpg


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nice... question: I have to pay $20 more to be able to use this model on another platform other than PC? or is the page just a work in progress?

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In preparation for future development, console publishing is listed as part of the pro license. These assets would not work for a cell phone game.

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ah, i see... out of curiosity, what will the format of models be in for a cell phone game? or is it an issue with textures?

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The textures are probably too high-res. The geometry might or might not be. I won't know until I get into it and find the constraints.

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For iPhone, my general rule of thumb is about 8000 polys total per frame, so budget props accordingly.


You don't get much, nor do you need much.

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Nvidia is releasing the tegra gpu chip for cell phones soon. and it runs Unreal Engine 3 fine with purdy graphics and models.

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