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Leadwerks Engine 2.32 Released



Leadwerks Engine 2.32 is now available.



-"Render" Lua object function renamed to "Draw".

-Added Draw entity callback.

-Entity draw callback and Lua "Draw" object function will only be called at most once per frame. Perform animation in this function.

-Entity LOD distance parameters changed for better performance.

-LoadAnimation now works without exact hierarchy matches, so LOD meshes can all use the full-res animation.

-Implemented entity octree with hierarchical culling and picking.

-Rewrote vegetation rendering routine.

-Added vegetation collision.

-Added optional terrain color map.

-Fixed some problems that prevented custom buffers from working.

-Fixed render elements bug.

-Fixed camera culling bug.

-Fixed recursive AABB update bug.

-Fixed surface save bug.

-Adjusted bloom and SSAO shaders.

-Eliminated unnecessary pick filter calls.


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