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Benefits of Web Browser over Notes Client on Domino



I posted this already as a reply on Ed Brill's site, in his Blog entry about the ND7 Release. But I want to continue this topic and add more issues.Over longer time, when developing Notes applications and getting new feature requests, you encounter sometimes things which simply can't be done in the Notes Client, but can be done easily on the web.I've seen for example these kinds of issues which need to be done on the web:1) Printing: In Notes, it's a horror. On the web you can just use a HTML2PDF converter, or just a css stylesheet for printing, or just print directly the page from the web browser.2) Version problems: Many companies still use older Notes Clients, like R4/5, which hold you back from utilizing new useful and effective capabalities of Domino. On the web, everything is done by Domino, and the user just needs a HTML/JavaScript capable browser like IE5/6, Firefox, Mozilla, Safari.3) Embedding external content: In Notes no way to do it, on the web easily with an IFrame, like for example a package tracking page from DHL for the current order.4) Search engine: In Notes you are basically stuck with the built-in engine, on the web you can do your own engine, as the search results can be redirected to a text file, and presented via an LS agent as a web page.5) Tables, dynamic layouts, high quality pictures: In Notes, simply not possible. On the web easily done with HTML code, stylesheets, lookups, and PNG file attachments.6) Multitasking: In Notes, not officially supported, but you might be lucky to have a few Notes sessions running simultaneously. On the web, you can have lots of browser windows opened at the same time, and it's fully supported.7) Accessibility: When you travel, you need to have your computer with your Notes always with you. On the web, you can go to any internet cafe, or use your mobile phone and just log in.8) Performance: In Notes, you have @DBLookups, databases and views on remote servers which cause the biggest performance lags. On the web, you just need to transfer the HTML page from the server.9) Multiple Client suppliers and beneficial competition: In Notes, the Client is just developed by one company, on the web you can choose between multiple suppliers and each of them tries to keep their Client better than the others'.10) Platform independancy: In Notes, you are restricted to the OS selection which IBM supports, on the web you can basically choose any OS, and always have the newest client for your favorite OS.11) Public access and user registration: In Notes, well first the customer needs a Notes Client, and then you need to cross-certify their notes.ids. On the web, everyone can access the site Anonymously, or register online.12) Free style views and superrelational database queries: In Notes not possible, on the web you can have thumbnails, on mouse over pop-ups, help texts, buttons, editable fields, superrelational (not key field dependant, but can use any logic to connect inter-database fields) database lookups from several databases, and basically everything you can do with a HTML page.Just to mention a few...




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