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From Turkey with love



Recently I blogged about Holiday planning, and in last minute I decided to destinate for Kemer, Turkey.I must say, it was much better than I could ever imagine. Something touched me there, really deep.The culture, the style, the origins, it's a mystery. But them, as we fins share that destiny. I interviewed some locals about their origins, and it seems that we both came from the same geographical area, Ural, Russia. The turks just shifted a bit more south, intervening with chinese and oriental cultures, while the fins headed north to a merely uninhabited area, except for the confrontation with the native sami people.While Kemer was a small and peaceful town, with all the environment you would expect for a sun beach holiday, it had also amazing mountains raising directly from the sea, and the sea was shallow and turquoise for miles ahead. But that was not was touched me, although even that was way over my expectations. What really got me is hard to explain, it's a combination of their language, culture, music, and style. You can't imagine how dry western cultures are compared to that kind of love of life. I was close to tears and beyond from pure joy and love from almost everything there. Paradise lost & found.




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