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Ultimate Action Game Controller ( UAGC ) - One game controller for all situations.





Ultimate Action Game Controller ( UAGC ) - One game controller for all situations. 
Ranged, melee, hand to hand, thrown and magic combat game controller.

With UAGC, the developer can select from First-person, Third-Person, Top-Down and Point & Click game controller setups.
Each mode features it's own unique style of gameplay made just for that particular gaming situation.  The component is designed
with ease-of-use in mind,  just attach the component to your game player inside the editor and configure the options as you see fit.

Slated release version is 1.0 ( current state is alpha ).
I will keep a running log on updates and development notes within this blog.

  • Concept born
  • Started 3rd person mode
  • Added Always Run toggle
  • Added Numlock toggle run on/off
  • Added console log, for messages being sent from controller to the game screen.
  • Started State-Machine decision logic for later adaption. This will allow such things as fishing, climbing, swimming etc to be easily added to the controllers.
  • Added a generic Skeleton with all the animations the controller will use, thus allowing the developer to bring in a Mixamo rigged character and simply retarget the animations to their own custom character.
  • Added jump, double jump ( toggle ) and even triple Jump ( toggle, for action arcade style gaming ) .
  • Added animations for double jump ( mid air ) and triple jump ( extreme in-air jump animation ).
  • Added toggle for fall damage ( on or off )
  • Added animation for fall or jump - landing at high altitudes.

*This product is an addon and requires Ultra Engine*


Early adopter video.

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