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Structura postmortem





Structura Postmortem



This game was done in my spare time, was about 4 years till the early access.
Probably 6 months of full time work at best.
I want to thank some of my work colleagues , who gave good hints/help about the game, in the coffee breaks (different times , no covid :))
And the Leadwerks community for always being helpful.


Early access release:
18 Dec, 2020

Full release:
6 May, 2021

Here is the count of number of lines of code, no external libs included:

cloc .
     114 text files.
     114 unique files.
       1 file ignored.

github.com/AlDanial/cloc v 1.90  T=0.08 s (1410.5 files/s, 463364.0 lines/s)
Language                     files          blank        comment           code
C++                             53           4679            738          25809
C/C++ Header                    61           1046            206           4972
SUM:                           114           5725            944          30781


For people in the community releasing their game on steam maybe this will help

last week:


all time:


Overall the  number of sales was very small , but i was expecting that is really a niche game.

And does not hand held the player.You actually need to put effort to play it.

Which i completely understand many people just want to have some fun after work or whatever.


So basically this game shouldn't have existed :) its too complicated for its own good,

i just created something that i would have loved to play.

The UI is pretty bad , but under the game play is really interesting and fun.


There are 2 tutorials,  play both of them !!!,  no point to play the game otherwise it will just confuse the hell out of anyone.


Good things:

The game play is really unique.

The game graphics style.

Leadwerks community.


What went wrong:

The 1.0 release had a couple of bad bugs i didn't noticed.

Current version is 1.1.7 and is stable but it took a lot of bug fix releases to get there.

The choice to make my own UI.

I have no art skills, so i just used what Leadwerks provided by default.


The game is now stable, im proud of how it turned out.
It has some rough edges, not the best UI.
But the game play is really unique.

No hand holding here, it requires some effort to learn.
Just give it a chance and play the 2 tutorials.

Standard tutorial play through:

Advanced tutorial play through:

I will continue to improve and bug fix Structura,
the core of the game will not change.


And with this article i finish the Structura devblog on this forum.

In other news
There will be another game in the Structura universe.
And will use the Ultra Engine hopefully.

Stay tuned for more info



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