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KTX2 Texture Support



A while back I wrote enthusiastically about Basis Universal super compression. KTX2 is a texture file format from Khronos, makers of the Vulkan and glTF specifications. Like DDS files, KTX2 can store multiple mipmaps, as well as memory-compressed texture formats like DXT5 and BC7. However, KTX2 now supports Basis compressed data as well, which makes it the all-in-one universal texture format. glTF has an official extension for KTX2 textures in glTF files, so it can be combined with Draco mesh compression to compress your overall game model sizes:


Additionally, KTX2 also includes information about clamp and filter settings,. The reason I implemented the .tex texture format in Leadwerks was because DDS lacks these features and I wanted it stored in the texture file.

I've added built-in KTX2 texture loading and saving, so you can easily save and load these files. I plan to make KTX2 the recommended texture file format for Ultra Engine.


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