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You know how I keep saying that focusing everything on one specific niche is much better than trying to be all things to all people, and that VR was going to be our primary technology focus going forward?


This is a battleground we can win in.

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I don't understand what focusing an engine on VR means. VR still needs all the same aspects of "regular" game engine except for maybe higher performance. But performance is a huge deal for any game engine anyways.


Or do you mean marketing as VR primarily?

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Well, this example shows that our SEO for VR-related game engines is much better than our SEO for general game engines / game development. Now if you are specifically targeting VR developers, you must give them something they specifically need, in this case the boosted performance of the new 3D renderer. Other areas where this is playing out include the true resolution-independence of the GUI system, optimizations to the vertex pipeline for high-poly CAD models, and we may see mobile VR (Android) support prioritized in a way it would not be otherwise.

Of course most of these things benefit all 3D game developers but VR is the driving force all these decisions are based on.

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Really glad your main focus is VR. I bought Leadwerks for that. Very excited to see the Ultra Engine in the coming months.

For now, I am very satisfied with  v4.  

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