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Implementing the Basics

Lethal Raptor Games


The Seventh World


Lately I have been hard at work implementing all the basic classes in Leadwerks 5.  My aim is to get the game playable by the end of the year.  Once I've achieved that I'll slowly hack away at bugs and visual quality before release.  These are what are planned for the first release;

  • Menus
    • Main
    • Pause
  • Gravity
    • Multiple Sources
    • Edge of the World
  • Foliage
    • Pine Tree
    • Fern
    • Berry Bush
  • Animals
    • Deer
    • Wolf
    • Rabbit
  • Character
    • Harvesting
    • Hunting
    • Crafting
    • Basic Building


Here are some screenshots.

Clouds.thumb.png.d2035f1ce9426316aa2d3fc3044492fd.pngThe World will be hidden behind a vail of clouds.  In the future I hope these can be dynamic volumetric clouds.











Screenshot_001.thumb.png.2c75d82014975d95135cea62636569f6.pngThe basic foliage system uses two noise maps.  One decides if a plant should exists at the terrain vertex, the other gives the plant a random offset to that vertex (so to not have a grid like appearance), and a random scale, and a random rotation.


Noise06.png.65035bf4f22404fd3a97668fbeedecc9.png<- Offset, Scale & Rotation map.








PauseMenu.thumb.png.fda5c737ddd0fd81166c29ce26da3d6a.pngIn game Pause Menu.












Inventory2.thumb.png.4f3c65f0fa959b6e0a9f0a509ed97ab0.pngInventory system.  Certain parts of the players body will be able to hold items such as baskets and backpacks.  By default the player will only have a slot available in each hand and the shoulders.  This will give the player enough space to collect the materials needed to craft a basic backpack that you can then equip onto your back, expanding those slots.  Upgrades to the backpack can further increase these slots up to a maximum.

Items in the vicinity of the player that have an inventory will also appear in the left hand side.  Such as wheelbarrows, or baskets left on the ground.  Multiple wheelbarrows will enable the player to collect more than they can carry at one time.

The quick change can only be linked to items that are carried on the player.




On Monday I'll start work on creating the other worlds.  I also hope to be able to create a Perlin Noise generator for heightmaps.  I will create a system to disable the player controller if you get too close to the edge of the world.  This way my own gravity system can take over and pull the player into oblivion - unless your quick to react you may be pulled into an orbit around the land mass!

I will also be working on a system to place cliff models around the terrain based on the slope of the terrain, and how close to the edge of the world it is.


~ Matt

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