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Leadwerks 5 Beta Update Available



A beta update is available.

The ray tracing system is now using a smaller 128x128x128 grid. There is still only one single grid that does not move. Direct lighting calculation has been moved to the GPU. The GI will appear darker and won't look very good. Additional shader work is needed to make the data look right, and I probably need to implement a compute shader for parts of it. The system is now dynamic, although it current has a lot of latency. GI renders only get triggered when something moves, so if everything is still the GI data will not be updated. There is a lot of work left to do, but I wanted to get the structure of the program in place first and then refine everything.

I tested the TEX loader plugin and it appeared to work fine with bluegrid.tex, so I did not investigate any further.

I started to implement a more sophisticated custom pixel shader function but I realized I didn't really know how to do it. Should the normal map lookup take place before this function, or be skipped entirely? What if the user modified the texture coordinates? The whole thing is not as simple as I thought and I need to think about it more.

With those stipulations stated, this is a good intermediate update.

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ok so the beta is out but how do i get it or where do I download it and does it support XR and or Oculs   store and the new touch controllers   

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