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Leadwerks 5 Beta Update



The Leadwerks 5 beta has been updated.

A new FileSystemWatcher class has been added. This can be used to monitor a directory and emit events when a file is created, deleted, renamed, or overwritten. See the documentation for details and an example. Texture reloading now works correctly. I have only tested reloading textures, but other assets might work as well.

CopyFile() will now work with URLs as the source file path, turning it into a download command.

Undocumented class methods and members not meant for end users are now made private. The goal is for 100% of public methods and members to be documented so there is nothing that appears in intellisense that you aren't allowed to use.

Tags, key bindings, and some other experimental features are removed. I want to develop a more cohesive design for this type of stuff, not just add random ways to do things differently.

Other miscellaneous small fixes.

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