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How to Fix Slow Windows 10 (this week)



Here are some things I did in the last couple days to fix a computer that was basically unusable.

It seems that Superfetch was rebranded to "SysMain" in an update and automatically re-enabled. If your computer is grinding away either the CPU or disk usage while doing nothing, this is the culprit. Disable it in Windows services.

The XBox games bar is suspect. I recommend disabling it now that FRAPS supports Vulkan.

Some features in Visual Studio are making it unusably slow.

In Project settings > Link > Debugging, set "Generate Debug Info" to "DEBUG:FASTLINK" (in the debug build only) for faster linking.

Disable these two settings in the general program Options:

  • Enable Diagnostic Tools while debugging
  • Show elapsed time PerfTip while debugging
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In VS, you also need to go to Help > Send Feedback > Settings and disable feedback. This really grinds your hard drive up.

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