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Leadwerks 5 Beta Updated



The GUIBlock structure now has an iVec4 "clipregion" member. This allows you to set a clipping region around a block to prevent it from drawing outside the region. The region will automatically be shrunk to show only the visible area of the widget, within the visible area of its parent. The purpose of this is to prevent text from overflowing outside of the widget. I found this necessary because the multi-line text area widget involves the dynamic creation of different persistent 2D elements, and keeping the outer border on top was becoming a problem.

The Sprite class now has a SetClipRegion(iVec4) method, which is what gets used to display the above effect when the GUI is rendered with 3D graphics.

Precompiled headers are enabled for the Visual Studio project. The first build will still be prohibitively slow but subsequent builds should be faster.

Vulkan headers and lib are now included in the project, so you don't have to download the Vulkan SDK separately.

Some other new things are included, so be sure to take a look.

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